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Turn Number:4
Side's Turn:Night

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The right-hand page of a book is displayed, filled with frustration and text.


Too much to absorb. Overwhelming.

Units are produced in cities. By cities!

Everybody here pops like food. Fully-formed. Basic abilities intact. Intelligence. Speech. (Personality? Memories? I guess so. Wanda ducked question about her origin.)

Different city types produce different unit types. Bigger the unit, longer the time.

Big cities can produce warlords but it takes a lot of turns. Infantry units can be promoted to warlord in the capital but that takes mucho shmuckero. Only one overlord per side. Overlord sets production orders for all cities. (By telepathy? Thinkamancy? Don't know yet.)

So how the boop does royalty work? Where do new overlords come from? What happens to warlords and units when a capital falls? Can cities produce casters? What happens if you croak or capture a chief warlord? How does an alliance work? Boooooooooooooooop!

These books are mostly battle histories. Names and turn numbers and crests and even something like high scores. Where's the booping help file?! Learned more useful boop from reading my breakfast.

Still trying to see how to win the little battle. Ansom's forces split into fliers and non-fliers mostly, but both groups too strong to ambush. He stayed with the bigger one. Supposed to be dumber than that. Dwagons ready to strike, but probably we lost our chance and gave up the prisoner.

She better be a good mole so we can win the big battle, then.

City defenses really important I think. Gobwin Knob seems tough as Tool claims. Ansom plans feint through tunnels, but might have to come in that way anyway. Force him to? Sizemore built most of our defenses and dug a lot of the tunnels, says he has some tricks to slow them down. Gotta talk to him more.

Must also learn more about: unit types, stats, move, combat, spellcasting ...argh, everything! What is this city producing right now? I don't even know. Attack the flier group to get air superiority? I. Don't. Know.

Knowing Ansom's plan sure is useful. Like knowing the exact weight and speed of the rhino that's charging you.