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Turn Number:4 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 11
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Panel 1

The black silhouettes[1] of three females[2] are seen on the side of a mountain. The sun is on the horizon, beautifully shading the mountain a pleasant orange-brown, as well as creating a beautiful sunrise.[edit]
Charlie: "I have a mission for you, Archons."[3] [edit]

Panel 2

An ice blue mountain peak, topped by a transmission tower and satellite dish, appears to glow brightly amodst taller mountains of a duller blue. The word balloons direct towards the transmission tower.[edit]

Charlie: One of the sides in the great western conflict has finally met our price.

I need you to proceed to X: -1218, Y: 467 to provide escort to three commanders and their entourage.

Panel 3

Three glowing women dressed in blue airline-stewardess type uniforms with short skirts and garrison caps[4], gently descend from the blue sky. Jillian's head, topped by the top hat style Message Hat, and a portion of Webinar's head, can be seen on the bottom of the panel.[edit]
Charlie: "We are now allied with Jetstone." [edit]

Panel 4

The scene is forest. On the right, the rear of a purple haired, dark skinned, blue-gray clad elf is seen. On the left, Ansom is riding his rolled up Flying Carpet. He is addressing the elf while holding a piece of parchment.[edit]

Prince Ansom: Just keep the column together, Commander.

In two turns we will rendezvous at the foot of Gobwin Knob.

Panel 5

Ansom takes flight on his carpet, looking back over his shoulder at the receding elf commander, who is standing in a clearing and leading a large force of troops.[edit]

Prince Ansom: And let the Marbits break off into the tunnels whether we've joined you or not.

They need to join their counterparts for the feint.

Good luck!

Panel 6

Against a backdrop of blue sky, Ansom is looking up at Vinny Doombats flanked by dozens of doombats, orlies, and gwiffons. Vinny's arms are crossed accusingly.[edit]

Vinny Doombats: One more time to charge to Zamussel's rescue, Prince?

Or are you goin' there to croak her with yer bare hands?

Panel 7

A close-up of the right side of Ansom's face, which shows a slight grin. To his right is blue sky and a doombat swarm.[edit]

Prince Ansom: Heh.

I don't know, Vinny.

Maybe I'll decide when I get there.

Panel 8

Ansom dominates the right side, while Vinny looks accusingly at him from the left. Two gwiffons and a group of doombats fly in the blue sky behind them.[edit]

Vinny Doombats: Do you trust her?

Prince Ansom: Vinny...

Panel 9

Vinny is on the left of the scene with Ansom on the right, while doombats fly in the background. Vinny is looking ahead, while Ansom is looking sheepishly away from him.[edit]
Prince Ansom: I hereby revoke your permission to ask me difficult questions. [edit]

Panel 10

A long range view shows a large flying force. Ansom is on the right and Vinny on the left, with three unipegataurs and a mass of doombats behind Vinny, and six or more gwiffons behind Ansom. At the rear of the group is a flock of orlies.[edit]

Vinny Doombats: Hyah!

Arright, an easy one, then. Do you trust me?

Prince Ansom: Of course.

Panel 11

A close up of the right side of Vinny's face, which now bears a serious frown. The doombat swarm can be seen flying behind him.[edit]

Vinny Doombats: Then don't go this time, Boss.

It's what they're expecting.


  1. ^ The silhouette is a reference to an iconic pose by the title characters of the TV show Charlie's Angels.
  2. ^ Introduction: Charlie's Archons are seen for the first time.
  3. ^ This line is a parody of the "I have a mission for you, Angels" line uttered by unseen employer "Charlie" just before he gave his instructions for the current episode.
  4. ^ See for example the illustration of a garrison cap in the Wikipedia article.