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Turn Number:1
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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Lord Manpower the Temporary,[1] wearing black armor with his crest of 3 concentric red circles, sits astride a spidew mount, gesturing off-panel and shouting orders. Beside him, also riding a spidew, sits a determined-looking gobwin.[2] There is a third spidew in the background. The sky is a clear blue, flecked with cloud.


Narrator: ...which left Lord Manpower the Temporary, Stanley's last Warlord, exposed to enemy crossbows.

Manpower the Temporary: Prepare to counterattack. Protect the siege engines.

  1. ^ Introduction: Lord Manpower the Temporary is seen for the first time, also providing the first appearance of Men. Manpower's name is a reference to the American temp agency "Manpower, Inc."
  2. ^ Introduction: A Gobwin is seen for the first time.