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Book (TBFGK)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:3 AW
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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Panels: 12
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Panel 1

The group of heavy units led by Sir Webinar stands at the top of a hill in the middle distance.[edit]
Sir Webinar: Unfriendlies. [edit]

Panel 2

Webinar is mounted on his tchotchke. He is holding a sickle in his right hand, and looking determined.[edit]
Sir Webinar: Hold fast. Take it like it's a drill. [edit]

Panel 3

A group of five spidews approaches. The frontmost one has its mouth wide open, showing a set of sharp fangs.[edit]

Sound: chk-chk-chk-chk


Panel 4

In the foreground, one of the spidews plants its forelegs against a pink teddy-bear cloth golem, which is raising a large projectile over its head. Behind them, a green teddy-bear cloth golem has just thrown a similar projectile at another spidew, and a giraffe cloth golem stands open-mouthed.[edit]
Sound: ssskk! [edit]

Panel 5

A closeup of the battle between the pink teddy-bear cloth golem and the spidew, showing that the spidew has chomped down on the cloth golem's arm and is ripping it loose, while the golem holds a rock aloft in its other paw.[edit]

Sound: pop

pop pop popopop

Panel 6

The pink teddy-bear cloth golem slams its projectile down onto the spidew. However, the cloth golem's arm tears away completely, two of the spidew's legs burst out from its back, and its eyes have become "X"s... indicating that it has croaked.[edit]

Sound: whomp

Sound: crriiiick

Panel 7

The giraffe cloth golem slams its head into the exposed underbelly of an overturned spidew, whose legs twitch upward reflexively, except for one, which a cat tchotchke has snared in its mouth.[edit]
Sound: HOOMPH [edit]

Panel 8

Dora strikes a spidew with a mace. Her sourmander mount spits green goo onto another spidew.[edit]

Sound: PLURT

Dora: Kiai!

Sound: KHE-FLEM!

Panel 9

Sir Webinar is standing against a background of orange and yellow streaks, suggesting rapid motion. He is striking a heroic pose as he swings his sickle. There is no sign of his mount.[edit]
Sir Webinar: My life for Jetstone![1] [edit]

Panel 10

Webinar and Dora are seated on their mounts in the foreground, surveying the aftermath of the battle. The spidews lie croaked in front of them. To one side, the surviving green teddy-bear cloth golem cradles the body of its fallen pink comrade. Beyond the corpses, a road goes off into the distance.[edit]
Sir Webinar: When our turn begins, we're going to take that road. [edit]

Panel 11

Dora turns toward Webinar, who is studying a document.[edit]

Dora: Not a rough-country path as ordered?

Sir Webinar: No.

We'll croak what's in our way.

Panel 12

Closeup of Webinar's grim expression.[edit]

Sir Webinar: We've seen no dwagons, Dora.

Have you noticed? We need to cover some ground. Fast.


  1. ^ "My life for Aiur" is a phrase uttered by Protoss Zealots in the Blizzard Real Time Strategy game Starcraft. Webinar's weapon resembles those of the Zealots.