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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:3 AW
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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Panels: 10
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Panel 1

A creature resembling a dachshund with ram's horns (a Wiener-Rammer) lies on the ground with its eyes closed. Behind it stands a dark-complexioned large-eared female figure wearing a white nurse outfit. She extends her hands outward, and blue sparkles flow from her hands toward the creature. Nearby, the legs of a very tall figure extend nearly to the top of the panel.[edit]

Prince Ansom: Lofty Elves and Altruist Elves, you'll be throwing heals where needed.

Altruist or Lofty Elf: What's in it for us?!


Kidding. ...I'm kidding!

Panel 2

A large-eared figure with hair swept down over one eye faces Ansom. Another indeterminate figure stands beyond Ansom.[edit]

Prince Ansom: Ahem.

Superfluous Elves, you'll be a reserve force, used as needed.

Superfluous Warlord: Yeah that'll happen.

Panel 3

A silhouette view of a female figure hanging by wrist manacles from a wall.[edit]
Prince Ansom: Commander Zamussels... is currently on a scouting mission. But she will handle the air battle. [edit]

Panel 4

A scene shows red, pink, and yellow dwagons in flight near the Tower of Efdup.[edit]

Prince Ansom: Stanley's dwagons are his greatest remaining threat.

So long as he wields the Arkenhammer, they will defend him to the death.

She will have the toughest job.

Panel 5

Vinny Doombats stands against a desolate-looking background. He is wearing a black leather jacket and a grim expression. Two doombats fly close to him, and a third is seen a bit further back. The entire frame is in sepia tone, giving the scene a dark look.[edit]

Prince Ansom: Vinny, you'll help with your bats as much as you can.

Vinny Doombats: Sure thing, yer Honor.

Panel 6

Vinny leans forward and reaches one hand forward. A Marbit sits at his side, looking at him with a slight frown.[edit]

Vinny Doombats: But, uh...

I got a question.

You control one of the Arkentools, too, right?

Don't they cancel each other or somethin'?

Panel 7

A closeup of the Arkenpliers hanging at Ansom's side. His hand reaches down to touch but not grasp their handles.[edit]

Prince Ansom: I wield the Arkenpliers.

But I am not attuned to them, as Stanley is to his artifact.

Panel 8

A scene, possibly a flashback to some earlier battle, shows Ansom facing off against a group of Uncroaked. He is using the Arkenpliers as a melee weapon, and an uncroaked unit in the path of his swing is disintegrating as its head falls off.[edit]

Sound Effect: THWUFF

Prince Ansom: At best, they are a good combat weapon. Indeed they turn most Uncroaked to dust.

"But Fate magic is powerless in my case; I cannot unlock their secrets. I know of no-one who can."

Panel 9

Ansom is seen from below, striking a heroic pose with one fist extended in an emphatic gesture, as he addresses a line of Marbits.[edit]

Prince Ansom: It will not matter.

We have four times the forces we need to take that city, especially against that madman's "leadership."

We are all courageous and competent warlords. But against this foe, we will be as the Titans themselves.

Panel 10

A scene of Stanley and Parson standing behind a table, on which a model of the Gobwin Knob volcano and little figures presumably representing units can be seen. Stanley stares at the table with a somewhat confused expression as Parson puts his hands on it and frowns thoughtfully.[edit]
Prince Ansom: For Stanley has squandered his leadership corps. He has no-one left to command his forces. No-one. [edit]