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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:3 AW
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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Panels: 9
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Panel 1

Ansom is standing in the foreground, seen from behind. The Arkenpliers hangs prominently at his side. In the background is a large group of Marbits and other units.[edit]
Prince Ansom: War council, we've now assembled our complete forces. [edit]

Panel 2

Ansom is standing in a clearing in the woods, addressing a large group that fills the foreground.[edit]

Prince Ansom: In a few turns, we will have eliminated Stanley the Plaid from the face of Erfworld.

I realize that an alliance this extensive is a hardship to all of our sides, but it can't be helped.

It will be worth it, to end him.

I want to make certain each of you knows your role in the overall plan.

Panel 3

A large column of units march in formation across open country. Two large teddy-bear cloth golems march alongside the main mass of infantry.[edit]
Prince Ansom: Because of the low move of some of the siege engines[1] and other units, our caravan formation will take as many as five more turns to reach the city. [edit]

Panel 4

A large battle rages between a groups of humans and gobwins. Ansom is leading from the front line, mounted on a sourmander.[edit]

Prince Ansom: There is only one, tough road in to Gobwin Knob. It may be heavily defended. Indeed, I hope it is.

...I would rather face enemy forces in the open, than to pry them out of those defenses.

Panel 5

Inside a dark underground tunnel, a force of Marbits moves in and attacks a group of gobwins. One prominent gobwin in the foreground is yelling and fleeing.[edit]

Prince Ansom: On the turn before we reach the city, all of the Marbit forces will attack Gobwin and Hobgobwin positions in the tunnels under the city.

This is a feint.

I hope the city will commit some Uncroaked units down there before we arrive.

Panel 6

A view of the city of Gobwin Knob from above, showing a section of the circular outer wall, the square inner wall bounding the courtyard, and the Tower of Efdup.[edit]

Prince Ansom: On arrival, we will take a full turn to surround the city. This is not to prevent escape; we'll have their non-fliers bottled up.

But we don't know the weakest spot in the outer walls, so we will hit it from all directions and pour through the first breach we get.

Panel 7

Ansom continues speaking, his hand gesturing in front of him for emphasis.[edit]

Prince Ansom: Now. Elves.

We have eight different varieties in our company.

Panel 8

Two members of the audience. One is a dark-haired woman in a slinky black outfit, human-appearing except for large protruding ears. The other is a very tall and thin figure with similar, but even larger, ears.[edit]

Prince Ansom: Shady Elves and Woodsy Elves...

I need your archers to cover the siege.

Panel 9

Four more figures are seen from the back: a blonde wearing a large cap[2], one with dark curly hair, a greenish-grey figure with just a bit of hair at the top of the head, and one resembling the tall thin one from the previous frame. Ansom is facing toward them as he continues to describe his battle plan.[edit]

Prince Ansom: As soon as the breach opens I want the Eager Elves to go in first.

Eager Elf Warlord: Woo! Yes!

Prince Ansom: ...followed by the Luckless Elves and the Schlemiel Elves.

Luckless Elf Warlord: Aw, man.

Schlemiel Elf Warlord: I knew it.


  1. ^ The Eager Elf resembles Link from The Legend of Zelda.