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Book (TBFGK)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:9 AW
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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Panels: 11
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Panel 1

(Flashback) Wanda, in green robes, kneels at a low table inside a dwelling in Faq, across from the Predictamancer, also dressed in green robes, who sits in a green chair. On the table are four candles and a crystal ball, which glows with a bright amber light. On the wall are several masks[1], and a round window provides a view of the grey mountains beyond.[edit]

Wanda Firebaugh: "It was a Predictamancer who told me. In the hidden kingdom of Faq, where I once served."

Parson Gotti: "What did you do?"

Wanda Firebaugh: "Nothing, at first.

Until I learned of a Warlord who had found the Arkenhammer."

Panel 2

(Flashback) Stanley the Tool stands mute as he holds the Arkenhammer in front of him. It glows, and an angry-looking Red Dwagon, only a few feet in front of him, stands at bay, its eyes also glowing. In the background, two more dwagons, one with rider, fly about. A forest, a small brown hill, and a stone structure[2] (partially obscured by the red dwagon) share the background.[edit]

Wanda Firebaugh: "I made contact with him, and we conspired to attack the capital."

Parson Gotti: "You sold out your side?"

Panel 3

(Flashback) Backed by mountains, the capital of Faq lies on a green plain, as Stanley's flight of dwagons, brown, blue, pink, yellow, green, and red (Stanley's), all bearing riders, close on it. Stanley raises the Arkenhammer, which glows.[edit]

Wanda Firebaugh: Not precisely.

Stanley seemed an imbecile.

I imagined he would lose, and his artifact would fall to me.

Stanley the Tool, in flashback: Fear the Stanley![3]


Need a new battle cry.

Panel 4

(Flashback) With a cruel smile, hand confidently on his hip, Stanley the Tool levels the Arkenhammer at a foe; lightning discharges, and the victim burns alive. Behind him we see a pogoda, and in the distance a dwagon spews a fireball.[edit]

Stanley the Tool, in flashback: Stop!


Wanda Firebaugh: Instead, he conquered and sacked the Kingdom.

I turned to his side then, and I have served him since.

Panel 5

(Flashback) Wanda, in green, massages Stanley's shoulders as he looks over a map.[edit]

Wanda Firebaugh: Along the way, I have encouraged his ambition to quest for the Arkentools, knowing that I would wield one.


Sound, in flashback: rub rub rub

Parson Gotti: So you're not technically Loyal to Stanley at all.

Panel 6

Parson looks over at Wanda, in her red armor, sitting on a rock with the Arkenpliers on her knees. She has a cold look on her face. Nearby, two decrypted men stand in front of a huge rock, looking confused. Similarly, a gobwin stands perplexed at his situation in front of a stone outcropping. In the distance, more decrypted troops stand idly about.[edit]

Wanda Firebaugh: I am loyal to Fate magic. I play what parts I must.

You do not know what I have done.

Or may yet do.

Panel 7

Parson sits on a rock, his fingers steepled, one eybrow cocked, giving his otherwise intimidating look a thoughtful quality. Behind him is a mass of decrypted troops, one blue dwagon, and in the distance, a pair of decrypted fliers, likely archons.[edit]
Parson Gotti: Are you saying I should be scared of you? [edit]

Panel 8

Wanda looks down at the Arkenpliers, her eyes filled with sadness. She rests a hand on the Arkentool on her lap.[edit]
Wanda Firebaugh: Not of me. [edit]

Panel 9

Wanda looks up at Parson, her eyes squinted slightly as she seems to study him. Behind her, more decrypted troops mill about.[edit]

Wanda Firebaugh: But you, too are an instrument of Fate. You will suffer, as you pursue your path. You will grieve. And lose.

As you have lost here.

Panel 10

Parson stands tall, arms at his sides, his sword on his belt, the Mathamancy Bracer on his wrist, looking every bit the triumphant warrior. In the distance, a line of troops seem dwarfed by him, standing at his feet.[edit]
Parson Gotti: I didn't lose, Wanda. [edit]

Panel 11

Wanda watches Parson walk away over some grey rubble, a group of troops in the distance, the blue dwagon overhead, and the blue mountainous horizon providing the backdrop.[edit]

Wanda Firebaugh: You did!

And it has just begun for you.


  1. ^  The masks resemble those of television and movie characters, including, apparently, the Power Rangers
  2. ^  The stone structure seems to be similar to one of the standing stones of Stonehenge.
  3. ^ A reference to "Fear the Worm" in the Sony PSP Patapon game.
  4. ^  "Stop! Hammertime!" is probably the most famous lyric of MC Hammer's famous single, "U Can't Touch This." The lyric is so popular, it has appeared innumerable times in popular culture.