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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:9 AW
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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Panels: 12
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Panel 1

Decrypted Ansom directs the newest recruits to Gobwin Knob to form in rank and file.

Parson Gotti: Ansom's mustering the troops.

I think he wants to be my lackey or something.

Wanda Firebaugh: That would be well.

Panel 2

Wanda leads Parson through the devastation that is Gobwin Knob as she uses her new toy to replace the troops lost in the Battle for Gobwin Knob.

Parson Gotti: Why?

Wanda Firebaugh: You'll require a new one.

Panel 3

A pleasant blue sky is the background for Parson and Wanda as she continues to search out corpses to decrypt.

Parson Gotti: You haven't found Bogroll? I was hop--

Wanda Firebaugh: I have found enough of him to know.

Panel 4

Parson appears to feel a little ill upon hearing the news that Bogroll would not be decrypted.

Wanda Firebaugh: His remains were rather thoroughly obliterated.

Parson Gotti: Oh.

Panel 5

Parson looks sad as the first stages of grief kick in.
Parson Gotti: I, uh... [edit]

Panel 6

Wanda walks straight-legged and confident through the detritus of a dead city. Parson rushes to catch up.

Parson Gotti: *hem*

So is there any *hem*

Any limit on how many of these troops you can "superuncroak"?

Or whatever?

Panel 7

Wanda projects a redish ray at the corpse of a Wiener-Rammer as Parson watches.

Wanda Firebaugh: "Decrypt," I would say.

And there does not seem to be.

I will let you know.

Panel 8

Wanda finally looks back at Parson with a remarkably normal smile on her face. Behind her, decrypted troops and the Wiener-Rammer look toward their new master. They are wearing livery with black coloration, with a stylized skull on the chest.

Wanda Firebaugh: See also?

I can decrypt many unit types which had been impossible to uncroak before.

Parson Gotti: Yeah.


Panel 9

Some of the newly decrypted wander aimlessly, pondering their new existence, while Wanda moves on through the devastated city with Parson in tow.
Parson Gotti: So this is what it's all about? [edit]

Panel 10

Wanda finds and decrypts a dead archon while Parson flails with his hands in the air in protest.

Parson Gotti: And you knew all of this would happen?

Wanda Firebaugh: Not this way.

Panel 11

Wanda's latest decrypted, one of Charlie's Archons, looks confused at her new state. Wanda looks at the Arkenpliers lovingly while Parson looks down with concern.

Wanda Firebaugh: I knew only that I would attune to an Arkentool someday.

The path was unclear.


I often despaired.

Panel 12

Wanda looks up at the much taller Parson with pride.

Wanda Firebaugh: Still, it did prove interesting. And thanks to you...?