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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:NA AW
Side's Turn:Earth

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Panels: 9
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Panel 1

A closeup view of a cluttered dresser top, the first drawer hanging open. The top of the dresser is covered in stacks of paper and a dangling graph. Atop the papers is a clock-radio, the time partly obscured but "5:18" just visible. A can of Red Bull sits beside the radio. There's a tattered poster behind the dresser with some kind of blobular cartoon character[1] on it. Toto, we're not in Erfworld anymore.[2][edit]

Radio: -with the beefcake pantyhose.

Kill the headlights, and put it in neutral.

Stock car flamin' with the loser and the cruise control.[3]

Panel 2

A huge, chubby hand[4] lunges up and slaps the alarm clock into snooze.[edit]

Radio: Baby's in Reno...

Sound: MIFF!

Panel 3

The hand moves aside and cracks open the can of Red Bull. The alarm clock face is now totally visible. It reads, "5:18 PM".[5][edit]
Sound: kik-hook! [edit]

Panel 4

A battered brown four-door car drives down a crowded freeway. There is a deep dent in the rear door. The radio is blaring loudly.[edit]

Car Radio: All we wanna do is eat your brains. We're not unreasonable, I mean, no one's gonna eat your eyes...[6]

Bumper Sticker: JESUS SAVES He takes half damage.

Panel 5

The chubby hand that turned off the alarm clock is seen again, wearing a calculator watch and steering the beater of a car. A red "check engine" light glows ominously on the dashboard.[edit]
(There is no text in this panel.) [edit]

Panel 6

Outside a Kinko's store, an obese figure wearing a Kinko's apron reads an issue of Dragon Magazine.[7] In front of the figure are the remains of an unhealthy-looking meal on a plain white outdoor table.[edit]
Magazine Cover: DROW[8] [edit]

Panel 7

The living area of an impressively unkempt apartment. Near the white-tiled entrance, the coat closet hangs open and a pile of laundry spills out, two socks spread well out onto the floor. The walls are pitted and scarred. On them hangs a poster of a fantasy babe riding a dragon, by Jamie Noguchi, and another image of the blobular cartoon character. A brown haired, greasy, overweight man sits using the computer near the posters. At his feet are two two-liter bottles of cola. Much of the room is dominated by a television, bookshelves, and collections of various console gaming systems surrounding a beanbag chair. The rest of the room is occupied by a plain brown table, on which is a small stack of books, a dustbuster, a spilled can of Mountain Dew, and a large strategy gaming board, the central feature of which is a mountain with a volcanic caldera on it.[edit]
(There is no text in this panel.) [edit]

Panel 8

A list of bookmarks in Internet Explorer.[9][edit]

Favorites | Tools | Help

Add to Favorites...

Organize Favorites...


Panel 9

A closeup on a pair of brown eyes and bushy black eyebrows, on a smooth, slightly greasy face.[edit]

Parson Gotti: 24 uniques yesterday.

That would be a record, sadly.[12]


  1. ^ Hamstard, the Bastard Hamster, is seen for the first time (unless you already saw him on his own site.)
  2. ^ The art style for "real world" scenes is noticeably different from the art style for scenes set in Erfworld. The former shows considerably more shading and detail.
  3. ^ The radio is playing the song "Loser" by Beck.
  4. ^ Parson Gotti is seen for the first time.
  5. ^ This is living.
  6. ^ This radio is playing the song "re: Your Brains" by Jonathan Coulton. Its inclusion prompted Mr. Coulton to blog about Erfworld.
  7. ^ The magazine is Dragon #298.
  8. ^ Drow are fictional dark elves from Dungeons & Dragons.
  9. ^ Seriously, IE?! Proper nerds use Firefox... and even moreso in 2006.
  10. ^ This is a real live hardzc0re pr0n site, about as Booping NSFW as you can get. If you want to see it, click on Give Me Pr0n and Fire Me Now.
  11. ^ "Girls Gone Feral" is a parody of the (in)famous Girls Gone Wild
  12. ^ Parson's speech is represented in a different font (Maiandra GD) from the one (Gorilla Milkshake) used to represent speech by the inhabitants of Erfworld.