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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:8 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 12
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Panel 1

The scene is a broad mountainside ledge. Vinny and Jillian are sitting on rocks at opposite sides of a campfire, with one gwiffon roosting on a small ledge just above them and another sitting just behind Jillian. A gathering of the other Transylvito warlords can be seen in the background.[edit]

Vinny Doombats: So that's... how it's gonna be.

No goin' after him.

And no goin' back to Gobwin Knob until you show us your capital site, and we claim it.

That's why Caesar came.

Panel 2

Caesar Borgata puts a hand to his temple as one of his companions watches. In the background, Vinny and Jillian continue their conversation.[edit]

Vinny Doombats: He din't believe you about Stanley.

He came to find out about yer cities.


Panel 3

Jillian frowns and gestures emphatically as she replies.[edit]

Jillian Zamussels: I don't care about the cities, Vinny. But we have to go after Stanley!

We can get him!

Vinny Doombats: No we can't.

Panel 4

The frame shows Vinny from a viewpoint over Jillian's shoulder.[edit]

Vinny Doombats: N' you know it. Just let Prince Ansom take the capital. We'll see how long Stanley can pay that Foolamancer's upkeep when he's a Barbarian, okay?

Jillian Zamussels: Vinny...

Panel 5

Seven Transylvito warlords, led by Caesar, fly toward Vinny from behind.[edit]
Jillian Zamussels: Oh now what? [edit]

Panel 6

Caesar comes in for a landing behind Vinny, who turns to look at him.[edit]

Caesar Borgata: Got some news.

About the battle for Gobwin Knob.

Bunny's been very busy.

Jillian Zamussels: Bunny?

Vinny Doombats: Our Thinkamancer.

Panel 7

The other Transylvito warlords stand in a grim-faced assemblage behind their leader.[edit]

Caesar Borgata: Right. Now... we're closer with some members of that "Royal Crown Coalition" than others.

So, first thing that happened was Unaroyal's Thinkamancer told Bunny they lost all of their field units at Gobwin Knob. All. In one action.

Panel 8

Vinny has a stunned expression as Caesar raises a finger and clarifies his comment.[edit]

Vinny Doombats: Ouch! What, a rush on the walls failed?

Caesar Borgata: No. Not an engagement.

Get this: it was some kinda single Dirtamancy trap.


...across multiple hexes.

Panel 9

Vinny and Jillian react with incredulity.[edit]

Vinny Doombats: ...


Jillian Zamussels: Not possible.

Caesar Borgata: Right.

Panel 10

Caesar's group faces Vinny and Jillian as Caesar continues relating his news.[edit]

Caesar Borgata: So Bunny starts callin' the other Coalition sides. Everyone she gets through to, it's the same story: all units lost in a single trap action.

Jillian Zamussels: Jetstone...

Caesar Borgata: She called Jetstone.

They confirm: the Coalition's dissolved.

Panel 11

Jillian screams and leaps, a dagger in her hand. Radiating red and yellow lines fill the rest of the frame.[edit]

Caesar Borgata: They have a new Chief Warlord. Prince Ansom was croaked, in--

Jillian Zamussels: No!

Panel 12

Caesar Borgata grabs Jillian's wrist and stares at her coldly. Behind him, two of his warlords and a swarm of doombats prepare to back him up.[edit]

Sound: fuf fuf fuf fuf fuf fuf

Sound: SNAG

Caesar Borgata: 'Zat wise?