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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:8 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 12
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Panel 1

Parson stands in the foreground facing Wanda, who is standing among a large horde of uncroaked and glancing back at him over her shoulder.[edit]

Parson Gotti: Arright.

We're stable, we're safe.

We need a perimeter.

Wanda, set up a Safety Dance.[1]

Panel 2

Parson talks to Maggie, who is holding both hands up to her temples. They are followed by a large group of uncroaked units.[edit]

Parson Gotti: So, this'll be the last of the last stands.

How many enemy units are left? Not counting Charlie's?

Maggie: Most survivors are wounded...

But at least 3000 are not croaked or incapacitated.

Panel 3

Parson curls his lip unhappily as he holds up his bracer and does some calculations.[edit]

Parson Gotti: Then we didn't get enough.

No, nowhere near.

Nowhere near.

Sound: pip pip pip

Panel 4

Parson addresses Sizemore and one of his golems.[edit]

Parson Gotti: Who's running the Coalition now?

Doesn't matter.

The real question is: will they attack?

Or will they end turn and wait for Charlie to help--

Panel 5

The tunnel wall bursts open near Parson, and a enemy trooper riding a wiener-rammer bursts through.[edit]

Parson Gotti: Dude!

FoxMUD on Weiner-Rammer: Glory to FoxMUD!

Panel 6

The wiener-rammer rears up and bares its teeth as the FoxMUD trooper[2] pulls the reins with one hand and brandishes a sword with the other. In the foreground, Parson raises his own sword. Maggie stands behind him, her hands glowing with violet-tinged energy as she prepares a spell.[edit]

FoxMUD Trooper: Target the Warlord!

Parson Gotti: Oh, man.

Learn by doing...

Maggie: Hoboken.[3]

Panel 7

A blast of energy strikes the FoxMUD trooper as a slash decapitates the wiener-rammer.[edit]

Sound: KI

Sound: HACK

Panel 8

The FoxMUD trooper sits up as one of the golems leaps into the fray with a huge axe.[edit]
FoxMUD trooper: Titans... [edit]

Panel 9

A quick flash of motion.[edit]
Sound: QUERN[4] [edit]

Panel 10

Sizemore comes running up as Parson addresses him. The golem stands by impassively, its task of the moment done.[edit]

Parson Gotti: So. Right.

They're coming.

The tunnels aren't secure now, I guess?

Sizemore Rockwell: This is a Level 1 city now, Warlord!

We're so porous, anyone can walk in!

Panel 11

Parson raises his sword and turns to shout out some orders. In the foreground, a mass of uncroaked and gobwin units stand facing toward him.[edit]

Parson Gotti: All right, boop this. Wanda!

Fall back to the Portal Room and tighten that perimeter 'til it holds!

Call it the last...

Panel 12

Parson dramatically whips off his 3-D glasses. Beside him, the golem brandishes the shaft of its axe.[edit]

Parson Gotti: Of the last of the last stands.

Golem: YyyyeeEAAAAhhhh! [5]


  1. ^  "The Safety Dance" was a 1982 single by the group "Men Without Hats".
  2. ^ The appearance of the FoxMUD trooper (particularly the red lighting bolt down the face) is a reference to Ziggy Stardust, a persona created by David Bowie during the early 1970s.
  3. ^ This is a pun on the city of Hoboken, NJ (or Georgia or Belgium) and the "hadouken" attack from the Street Fighter games, in which a pulse of "ki" energy is sent flying at an opponent.
  4. ^ A "quern" is a stone used for hand-grinding.
  5. ^ This panel is a reference to the opening scene of CSI Miami in which David Caruso delivers a one-liner and then "Won't Get Fooled Again" by The Who starts playing.