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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:8 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 9
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Panel 1

Parson and Maggie walk down a tunnel, leading a group of uncroaked and KISS units. Maggie has her right hand to her temple, and Parson is looking at her.[edit]

Maggie: Your lackey has completed his mission successfully, Lord.

Parson Gotti: Ansom?

Maggie: Is croaked.

Parson Gotti: Really?

You're sure?

How do you know?

Maggie: The Twoll levelled.

Panel 2

A closeup view of Parson shows his eyes wide behind his 3-D glasses.[edit]

Maggie: ...Twice.

Parson Gotti: Really!

Maggie: Yes, Lord.

Panel 3

Unaroyal Warlord crouches over the fallen body of Prince Ansom, cradling the Arkenpliers in her forearms. Behind this tableau burns a fire with many troops, some brandishing their weapons, gathered around it.[edit]

Maggie: Just before he also was croaked, of course.

Royal Crown Coalition Soldier: Burn, beast!

Parson Gotti: Oh.

Panel 4

Parson hangs his head sadly.[edit]
Parson Gotti: Sizemore... [edit]

Panel 5

Parson turns around to face the group of uncroaked and other units that have been following along. An indistinct figure far to the rear replies to him.[edit]

Parson Gotti: Sizemore!

Sizemore Rockwell: Warlord?

Panel 6

An exterior view of the Tower of Efdup breaking into pieces and falling. Some nearby walls fall as well, sending a few distant figures atop them plummeting. In the foreground, the hand of a soldier in yellow Jetstone armor reaches up as if trying to claw its way out of the debris.[edit]
Parson Gotti: Tower down! [edit]

Panel 7

Two screaming Coalition soldiers flee as the nearby walls break apart and fall toward them.[edit]
Parson Gotti: Tunnels down! [edit]

Panel 8

Many other Coalition troops desperately try to escape the falling walls and collapsing ground.[edit]
Parson Gotti: Wreck everything but the dungeon! [edit]

Panel 9

An aerial view of the Gobwin Knob caldera shows that the aboveground portions of the city have been completely destroyed.

Much of the ground has collapsed into gigantic sinkholes.
Parson Gotti: Do your worst. [edit]