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Book (TBFGK)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:8 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 11
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Panel 1

Parson sits on the stairs, looking into his eyebook.[edit]
Sound: EEP? TA-DA! [edit]

Panel 2

The right-hand page of the eyebook, showing a message from Parson and Charlie's reply.[edit]

LordHamster: Charlie, I'm gonna need a truce so I can surrender.

CharlsNChrg: Valiant effort, Warlord. I salute you.

Panel 3

A view from above shows a pair of Archons continuing to project the dance-guiding display. On the ground below, a small group of defenders is clustered around the tower entryway as the invaders surround them on all other sides.[edit]

LordHamster: Whatever.

LordHamster: Ansom is bound to capture me for you? That's what I'm guessing, anyway.

Panel 4

Ansom squints his eyes shut as he holds a hand up to his face, as if accepting a Thinkagram. In the background, the battle continues, with the mass of Ansom's troops pressing close to the Tower of Efdup tower entrance.[edit]
CharlsNChrg: Good guess. Yes, you and your artifact, of course. [edit]

Panel 5

Ansom stands on his flying carpet at it rises above his army.[edit]
CharlsNChrg: When you're working for Charlescomm, you'll learn. We prefer to play games that don't even contain a losing outcome. You see? [edit]

Panel 6

Wanda leads a horde of uncroaked down one of Gobwin Knob's tunnels.[edit]
LordHamster: Yeah, yeah... you turned it into a no-lose situation by rejoining him. [edit]

Panel 7

A closeup view of Ansom's midriff as he adjusts his lapel. His cape has several holes torn in it from the battle.[edit]

CharlsNChrg: Oh, no!

CharlsNChrg: No, I got paid to turn it into a no-lose situation :)

Panel 8

Prince Ansom strikes a heroic pose, his posture perfectly straight, his hands on his hips, his outfit (except the somewhat tattered cape) perfect, the Arkenpliers hanging neatly at his side.[edit]
LordHamster: :P [edit]

Panel 9

Ansom's flying carpet is seen from above. On the ground below, the Royal Crown Coalition troops are in neat parade-formation lines.[edit]
LordHamster: Tell Ansom I'll be up on the tower parapet in a few minutes to surrender. [edit]

Panel 10

Ansom continues to strike his pose as eight Archons take up a formation around his carpet.[edit]
CharlsNChrg: I will! [edit]

Panel 11

A close rear view, as if seen by one of the Archons at the back of the formation, of Prince Ansom and several nearby Archons. They are approaching the Tower of Efdup, where a lone figure stands at the doorway to the observation deck.[edit]

CharlsNChrg: And where will you really be?

LordHamster: :P :P :P Just tell him.