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Turn Number:8
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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TBFGK 125.jpg

Large numbers of Coalition infantry are inside the city. Prince Ansom sits on his flying carpet as he examines the gate of the inner garrison wall. Below him, |Hobbittm Warlord, Duke Nozzle, and the Unaroyal Warlord appear to be having a discussion. Several Archons fly overhead.


Parson Gotti: The objectives in support of our goal are, in order of importance: conversion, division, and attrition of enemy forces. Neutralization of enemy assets and capabilities, particularly siege and leadership.

The fighting retreat was a good low-cost tactic, but nowhere near enough. I need to know anything else we can do to them.

So start telling me every skill, bonus, or resource I might not know about.

We have... maybe an hour before the end of the world.

Which is cool. That's about when I would usually start cramming for a final.