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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:8 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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TBFGK 123.jpg
TBFGK 124.jpg

Panels: 11
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Panel 1

Sizemore walks down a tunnel as he holds an open eyebook in front of his face. His expression indicates that he's not happy about what he's reading. Behind him, a golem carries Wanda's limp body.[edit]


ImInUrDirtz: Taking her to the dungeon.
ImInUrDirtz: I'm pretty sure she has Healomancy spells in her private stash.
LordHamster: I dunno, I might need you shoring up the walls.
Sound: EEP?

Panel 2

The right-hand page of an eyebook, showing the messages from the previous panel rendered in partially faded-out text and the new message in full-intensity lettering.[edit]


ImInUrDirtz: What are my orders, Warlord?

Sound: CHOO

Parson Gotti: The walls, or Wanda?

Panel 3

The scene outside Gobwin Knob shows a large breach being made in the outer walls, as several siege towers and battle bears continue their assault.[edit]

Parson Gotti: The bracer says we'll prob'ly lose those walls whatever we do now.

With Wanda... we could still possibly hold the Garrison.

Panel 4

Parson leans over a table, his hands resting on a sketchy map showing a portion of the outer walls and the road leading to the city.[edit]

Parson Gotti: Especially if we make 'em pay hard enough for getting in.


LordHamster: Go. Fix Wanda.

Panel 5

Parson turns toward Maggie, who is facing away from the viewer near the edge of the panel, and points toward something on the map.[edit]

Parson Gotti: Order all units down off the walls.

Assemble them in the main city area for a fighting retreat, with the two oldest uncroaked warlords each leading a stack.

Maggie: "Fighting retreat?"


Panel 6

Archduke Ferdinand, one of "the two oldest uncroaked warlords," is mounted on a spidew.[edit]

Maggie: These are Uncroaked.

They require a simple, specific order of battle.

Panel 7

Archduke Ferdinand and Ensign Toast, each riding a spidew and carrying a large red-edged sword, lead the massed infantry of Gobwin Knob. Behind them, the Tower of Efdup rises above the inner garrison wall.[edit]

Parson Gotti: "Okay. I mean constantly disengage and re-stack.

Cycle any wounded units out, and deploy them back to the Garrison. Replace 'em with fresh units, and re-engage. Is that too, um... complex for them?"

Maggie: "A moment, Lord."

Panel 8

From a trooper's-eye perspective, we see a rear view of several Knights in Stanley's Service carrying raised polearms, with Archduke Ferdinand and Ensign Toast standing at their head. In the distance, a breach has opened in the outer walls, and the first wave of Coalition invaders (the Eager Elves, according to Ansom's battle planErf-b1-p021Same-site.PNG) is pouring in.[edit]

Maggie: I... think I have conveyed the orders. I can monitor them and clarify as needed.

Eager Elves: Yeah! Woo! Arright! Wussup!

Parson Gotti: Thanks, Maggie.

Panel 9

A golem sets Wanda's unconscious body down on a table, as Sizemore walks toward the red cabinet that contains Wanda's collection of spell scrolls.Erf-b1-p030Same-site.PNG[edit]


LordHamster: You know what, we'll meet you in the dungeon.
Sound: EEP?

Panel 10

Parson carries his eyebook and a batch of rolled-up papers (presumably maps) as he leads Bogroll and Maggie down a corridor.[edit]

Maggie: Dungeon, Lord?

Parson Gotti: Yeah, to muster.

So I can lead this battle.

Panel 11

A scene of the battle raging outside shows an Eager Elf yelling a battle cry as he closes to melee range with Ensign Toast.[edit]
Parson Gotti: Plus, I want to know what else she's got in her "private stash." [edit]