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Book (TBFGK)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:8 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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TBFGK 118.jpg
TBFGK 119.jpg

Panels: 11
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Panel 1

Prince Ansom brings his Flying Carpet to a halt at the top of the Outer Walls above a mass of uncroaked former Jetstone troops.[edit]

Prince Ansom: Miscreations!

Sound effect as Flying Carpet comes to a halt: RUNN NA

Panel 2

Uncroaked troops look up with hatred towards their former Chief Warlord as he deflects a spear away.[edit]
Prince Ansom: Avaunt! [edit]

Panel 3

An uncroaked turns to dust as the blur of the Arkenpliers passes through its head.[edit]
Sound effect as uncroaked is dusted: PARCH [edit]

Panel 4

The Unaroyal Warlord and the Hobbittm Warlord look far up the ridiculously tall outer walls, trying to catch a glimpse of Prince Ansom.[edit]

Unaroyal Warlord: He's mad.


We'll see his body fall at any moment.

Hobbittm Warlord: Aye... So we should hasten.

Panel 5

The Hobbittm Warlord shouts orders and points forward to the walls as Duke Nozzle looks stunned in the background.[edit]

Hobbittm Warlord: Let's GO!

MOVE that SIEGE, people!

Panel 6

A yellow Battle Bear with a light blue head throws a rock at the outer walls while others begin to do the same. At their feet, swarms of infantry await a breach in the walls.[edit]
Sound effect as rock hits wall: RUNCH [edit]

Panel 7

From high above, looking down on everyone, the defenders of Gobwin Knob have massed in front of the attackers, appearing just as densely packed. Above them all, two Archons observe the events.[edit]
(There is no text in this panel.) [edit]

Panel 8

On an upswing, Prince Ansom dusts another uncroaked. His Flying Carpet bends in response to the blow.[edit]

Sound: TESH[1]

Prince Ansom: Begone!

Panel 9

Battle Bears push siege towers up against the walls of Gobwin Knob. They come very short of the top.[edit]
(There is no text in this panel.) [edit]

Panel 10

Two troopers assault the outer walls with picks and shovels.[edit]
Sound effects as Hobbittm tools strike the walls: whuffchup shing chup chip [edit]

Panel 11

Framed by the hands of an archon filming the scene, Prince Ansom raises his fist towards the sky as he shouts defiance.

Below are the scattered armor and weapons of dusted uncroaked.

Prince Ansom: My will is the Titans' will!

No Hamster can stop me!


  1. ^ Possibly a nod to John Tesh.