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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:8 AW
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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Panels: 2
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Panel 1

Wide shot. Tunnels. On the left, a huge rockfall. In the center, a couple Jetstone helmets. On the right, Sizemore leaning on his shovel, exhausted, and three Hard Rock golems, one heavily damaged.[edit]
No text. [edit]

Panel 2

A page from Parson's Klog, featuring Hamstard lying down in the bottom right corner.[edit]

Garrison zone has three parts: Tower, Courtyard, and Dungeon. For purposes of attack, tower borders airspace, courtyard borders outer walls, dungeon borders tunnels. Enemy units assaulting from the outer walls must attack courtyard first, airspace can't attack dungeon, etc. Once units are in any part of the garrison, then they can attack any other part of the garrison.

So, contingencies here. If we're facing a situation where one part of the garrison is overrun, we'll have to pick one of the other areas to fall back to and make a stand. We'll want the one where the zone it borders is secure, so our back is to the wall. If that's the tower, then the spellcasters get a boost. But it'd probably be the dungeon, where we'll have bonuses to tunnel units and Sizemore


What he said about "ending the lives of others." Well, now we've done it. I never killed anything bigger than a spider before today, and now I've caused the deaths of a couple of thousand enemy units. People. Couple thousand people.

I should feel horrible. The only thing I really feel about it is that I'm worried it wasn't enough.

How could I explain that to Sizemore? It's not my problem to think about! You know? We're being attacked. I'm in Command. My responsibility is for the lives of the people under my command, no matter how many enemies I have to destroy to protect them. And even if I have to sacrifice some to save most. That's how war works.

He wouldn't want to hear it, though. I don't even like saying it. I know it's true, it's just...

I don't know. This is feeling less and less like a dream. But if it is, there's this one thought I keep coming back to. How did Dorothy get out of Oz?

Short answer? By killing.