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Turn Number:8
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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TBFGK 116a.jpg

A view from outside the walls of Gobwin Knob shows hordes of defenders on the walls, still suffused with the red radiance of the uncroaking spell. Above and behind the walls, the top of the Tower of Efdup is visible, with several of Charlie's Archons hovering in airspace around it.


Parson Gotti: They'll be ours, though. And if Wanda is leading them, they'll carry her bonus. The Coalition won't want to attack this turn. If they wait, that gives me time for all sorts of stuff... siege raids, psy-ops, a deal with Charlie or someone in the Coalition. And if Ansom orders them to attack, his alliance might just crumble. I mean, if it hasn't already. How will they react when they see more than a thousand uncroaked Jetstone infantry on our walls? I really don't know.