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Turn Number:8
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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Only Jillian and her contingent are between Stanley and Faq. There is a swarm of doombats off to one side, but they are not engaged in this small battle that is so vital to both participants. One smoking gwiffon is falling, but the other may still be in the fight. A third appears uninjured. Jillian is almost in position to engage Stanley's dwagon.


Sound (Arkenhammer): CRACK-THOOM!

Orlies: ORLY? ORLY? G2G DED![1]

Jack Snipe: Is that a... walnut?[2]

Jillian Zamussels: Two and four, hit the mount!

One, I'm leaping for the belly. Catch me.

  1. ^ Leetspeak. Got to go, I'm dead. May be used in MMORPG's to indicate that a player's character has died and can no longer participate in the fight.
  2. ^ A reference to Stanley's discovery that striking walnuts with the Arkenhammer occasionally generates a pigeon. Apparently the process sometimes works the other way when an Orly is struck.