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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:2 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 13
Previous TBFGK 9 Next TBFGK 11 [edit]

Panel 1

Three uncroaked infantry[1] and a twoll are standing stationary in a small clearing in a forest. The twoll is sitting on a log, looking restless.[edit]
Twoll: I hate ending turn out in the open field, y'know? I feel like one tasty target. [edit]

Panel 2

Two yellow streaks, the color of a gwiffon or perhaps Jillian's hair, flash across the panel.[edit]
Sound: SWOOP! [edit]

Panel 3

The twoll stares at his uncroaked companions, which now number two instead of the earlier three.[edit]
Twoll: Um. [edit]

Panel 4

Frowning in concentration while counting on his fingers, the twoll struggles to figure out what has changed about his soldiers.[edit]
Twoll: I can count to three... One... Two... [edit]

Panel 5

Jillian and her gwiffon swoop down on top of the twoll. Jillian smiles gleefully as the gwiffon's mouth gnarms open into a marshmallowy maw.[edit]

Jillian Zamussels: Three.

Gwiffon: MWARRRH

Panel 6

Jillian beckons with her sword, and her troop of orlies swoop down on the two remaining uncroaked, pecking at their eyes.[edit]
Orlies: ORLY? ORLY? YARLY! LOL [edit]

Panel 7

Frowning in concentration with her tongue sticking out, Jillian writes something on a scroll using a long quill pen. She's still sitting on her gwiffon.[edit]
Sound: kritch skritch [edit]

Panel 8

Jillian drops the letter she wrote into the magic hat that Prince Ansom gave her.[edit]
Letter: X -1214 Y +455 3 INF, 1 TWOLL CROKD, NO CAS [edit]

Panel 9

Jillian bends down over the magic hat with the letter in it and taps the hat with a magic wand.[edit]

Jillian Zamussels: Hoffa.[2]

Sound: POOF

Panel 10

Back in his tent, Prince Ansom is sitting at a small table writing a note. His battle armor sits on a stand nearby. A magic hat sitting upside-down on the desk starts to shake.[edit]
Sound: rumble [edit]

Panel 11

Ansom waves a magic wand over his own magic hat. The letter appears inside.[edit]

Prince Ansom: Livingston.[3]

Sound: FOOP

Panel 12

Now in full armor, Prince Ansom is holding the letter and looking concerned. He's facing, Sir Webinar,[4] a nondescript unit in yellow armor.[edit]

Prince Ansom: Your mission is ground support, Webinar. But it could turn into rescue/recovery.

She's not just scouting; she's apparently hitting targets of opportunity.

Please be careful.

Sir Webinar: Yes, Highness.

Panel 13

We get a full view of Webinar's task force: four cloth golems[5] (two bears, a giraffe, and an elephant), two tchotchkes[6] (a unicorn and a cat), and another yellow-clad Jetstone soldier[7] mounted atop a grizzled purple sourmander[8].[edit]

Prince Ansom: She, um.

She doesn't know you're coming.

But she might be very grateful.


  1. ^ Introduction: Common Uncroaked infantry are seen for the first time. These are somewhat unusual in that they are animated skeletons, whereas uncroaked units seen later are more zombie-like, retaining at least some of their orignal flesh.
  2. ^ "Hoffa" references the notorious disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa. Hoffa is possibly the most famous individual to disappear without a trace in North America. In the context of the comic, the name would be a reference to making something disappear.
  3. ^ "Livingston" references Dr. David Livingston, the famous British explorer. Dr. Livingston was found by journalist and explorer Henry Morton Stanley while in Africa, and greeted with the famous quote, "Dr. Livingston, I presume." Given that Livingston was the only other white man within a thousand miles or so, he had a high probability of being correct. In the context of the comic, the name would be a reference to finding something, or in this case, make it appear out of nowhere.
  4. ^ Introduction: Sir Webinar is seen for the first time. His name is a reference to the term "webinar" (web seminar).
  5. ^ Introduction: Cloth Golems are seen for the first time.
  6. ^ Introduction: Tchotchkes are seen for the first time.
  7. ^ Introduction: Dora is seen for the first time. Her name is a possible reference to the character "Dora the Explorer" from the Nickelodeon animated series of that name.
  8. ^ Introduction: A Sourmander is seen for the first time.