Sword of Ruthlessness

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Proposed Canon

Parson received a sword in three consecutive Stupid Meals starting on his third day in Gobwin Knob. He received the hilt firstErf-b1-p077aSame-site.PNG, the forte (blade near the hilt) secondErf-b1-p086Same-site.PNG, and the foible (blade away from the hilt) lastErf-b1-p106Same-site.PNG.

The sword is described as conveying Leadership, Combat, and Ruthlessness.Erf-b1-p106Same-site.PNG

Parson destroyed his sword by tossing it into a lake of molten lava at the conclusion of book 1.


It is not known how real or magical the powers of the weapon are. It certainly acts as a killing weaponErf-b1-p133Same-site.PNG, but it gives no overt signs of exceptional magical auras or ability. Parson's eyes glow redErf-b1-p106Same-site.PNG upon first receiving the completed blade, but what that actually means is left to the reader, one interpretation being that at that moment, the Ruthlessness was conveyed to him. Since Parson's leadership bonus existed before he got the sword, it is reasonable to believe that his unit leadership ability is not reliant on the sword's magic, but is possibly amplified by it.

When Parson throws the sword into the lavaErf-b1-p150Same-site.PNG, as the sword melts, there is what looks like a stream of energy leaving it, similar to the sparkles seen when spells are cast.

Parson suspects that the tools of a Perfect Warlord are bound to them by Fate, and that Fate will arrange their return should they be lost. This speculation is given further credence by Benjamin's reaction when he questions the Bracer on this theory. If this does indeed turn out to be the case, the Sword of Ruthlessness may well repop and make its way to Parson.

It is possible that each part of the sword grants a particular aspect of the sword's three bonus types when complete: The hilt granting a Leadership bonus (the part if the sword that Parson holds, which is iconic in positions of leadership no matter the condition of the blade), the forte granting the Combat bonus (as it seems to be the dulled type of forte common in swords such as claymores, and used to increase variability and maneuverability in fighting style), and the foible granting the Ruthlessness bonus (due to being the bladed, and thus offensive part of the sword, as well as Parson's expression changing to indicate what was likely his increased ruthlessness). This also ties the order in which Leadership, Combat, and Ruthlessness are always stated in the comic to the order in which he received the pieces of the sword.