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We have to remember that any wiki (including Erfwiki) is a collaboration project. We must respect our fellow contributors and their points of view (even if we believe that they are wrong).

It would benefit Erfwiki if all contributors would agree on and commit to common style guidelines. This is by no means a final version - only a suggestion. If you believe that something should be changed, please start a discussion on the talk page.

General Guidelines

We should avoid deleting information if possible. If you believe it is necessary to clean up the page, take redundant information to the talk page and discuss whether it is useful or correct there.

We must follow guidelines or suggestions provided by the creators. (It is their wiki, after all.)

Canon, Proposed Canon, Speculation

All articles containing information about Erfworld should have one to three sections: canon, proposed canon, and speculation. All information should be under one of these sections. We should place information under Proposed Canon only if we have no doubts that this information is correct, and Rob, Jamie, or one of their deputies will regularly sweep through and promote endorsed Proposed Canon to Canon (most users should never edit the Canon section themselves). It is always safe to put information under Speculation.

Section Headers

At the moment Canon, Proposed Canon, Speculation sections have level 1 headers. (e.g.=Canon=)
(Good thing about it is that no other header will be of the same level.
Bad thing about it is that the headers are of the same size as the article header with the default skin.)

Your ideas are welcome.

Other sections should have lower level headers.

Please note that you can change how headers look for you on the Preferences page.


Categories make sorting and finding information easier. We should use them.

Links to Other Articles

Words that have corresponding articles should be entered as links to these articles.


  • The first letter of the linked article is not case sensitive. Both [[unit]] and [[Unit]] link to Unit. Please note that letters in the middle are case sensitive. (So [[Erfworld mechanics]] does not link to Erfworld Mechanics.)
  • When linking words in plural form the easiest way is [[unit]]s (this produces units).
  • When linking words to an article that does not exactly match the word of the link the easiest way is [[Stanley the Tool|Tool]] (this produces Tool).


External references confirming information about Erfworld should be made either to comic pages (located at the comic archive on, to the forums or to Word of the Titans.

We are all encouraged to use Template:Erf for links to the comic archive until somebody comes up with a better idea. (Please note that the page numbering has changed. So please check if the link follows the same page.) You can also use Template:blog to link to Summer Update pages or other blog entries.

For Word of the Titans, please use {{WoT}}.


Spoilers are defined as anything revealed about the comic's future direction, deemed as being spoilers by the creators themselves, the main place for this being the Word of the Titans page. Speculation only needs to be placed in spoilers if it is based on other spoilers.

Spoilers should be put in the spoiler template.

{{Spoiler|Spoilered Text}} becomes Spoilered Text.

See Also

  • [[relevant links]]
  • [[More links]]

At the very end of articles, add a see also section with the same level header as "Real World References" or, barring that, "Speculation"