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Strategies and tactics used and mentioned in Erfworld. Some of them are the same as in Real World, some are used just in Strategy Games. Parsons Plans has in-depth descriptions of the ones used by Parson.



Tactic for fighting Sea Dwagons. A small boat is used to distract the Dwagon away from a ship it has attacked and an another ship is used to croak it. WB2014 Duke Forecastle - Part 6

Defeat in detail

Large portion of one's own force is used to destroy small parts of enemy force in sequence, rather than engaging the bulk of the enemy force all at once. Example: Parson's Siege Raids.

Dwagon relay

Fleet of flying mounts with high move are regularly deployed and redeployed so that a high priority unit (a warlord or a caster) can ride from any city to the front line or back. Gobwin Knob was the first side to use this tactic in large scale as it demands large amount of appropriate units.LIAB Prologue 21

Line of battle

Ships of the fleet form a line end to end so that they can attack enemy with full broadsides without the fear of hitting friendly ships.


Article: Screen
Low value units are used to shield high value unit from enemy attacks.

Turning Natural allies

Turnamancer in Caster link turns enemy's Natural Allies in the middle of combat. Example of "Divide and conquer" done in battlefield.



Side forms an alliance with another side or sides against a common threat. These can differ from loose coalitions to collective defense treaties. Examples: Royal Crown Coalition and So-be-it Union

Bubble Kingdom

Article: Bubble kingdom.
Maintaining a small, self-sufficient side that is preferably hidden from the enemies. Example: old Faq

Divide and conquer

Also known as Divide and rule. Gaining and maintaining power by breaking up rival concentrations of power into pieces that individually have less power. Parson tried this with Royal Crown Coalition.

Fool's mate

Sneak attacking enemy Capital directly to croak/capture the enemy ruler. Jillian contemplated this with Haffaton.


Side or equivalent entity claims neutrality regards to wars that rage across the Erf, allowing it's units to work as mercenaries on a contract basis for any side that is willing to take them. Examples: Charlescomm and Magic Kingdom.

Playing tall

Also known as vertical growth. Saving money on military expenses and using it to upgrade cities. Cities are of high level and well defended. Leads to a slow expansion and a well-funded side consisting of small amount of strategically important cities. Example: Delkey WB2014 Digdoug - Episode 5

Playing wide

Also known as horizontal growth. Money is used on military which is used to sacking and razing enemy cities to produce more money. Cities are kept on a low level and magic is used to artificially boost their defense. Leads to a fast expansion and a poor side consisting of large amount of strategically unimportant cities. Examples: Haffaton and Homekey WB2014 Digdoug - Episode 5