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Proposed Canon

IPTSF Text 39.jpg

First Appearance: IPTSF Text 39

The Stone Garden was a memorial site next to the City of Haffaton built by Lady Wanda Firebaugh to remember croaked units that she uncroaked. She built it during her time in service of Haffaton after a caster link with Haffaton's Dirtamancer Komatsu inspired her to.

The garden was built on a hilly area, full of grass, flowers, and trees. She built nearly two thousandIPTSF Text 70 memorial stones, what Stupidworlders would call grave stones, and decorated them with carved flowers along with the name, level, side, and the number of turns they lived. She also built pillars and crypts with her simple dirtamancy.

While it's called a Garden, mechanically it didn't offer the benefits of a farm. Olive Branch didn't consider it a garden in any sense, and scoffed at its mention. However, Faq casters, particularly Brother Labeler, were intrigued at the peculiar Signamancy this memorial to Life represented.IPTSF Text 68

Not long after joining Faq, Wanda told Jillian Zamussels that she would stop building new stones. With the fall of Haffaton and the reconquest of its city sites, it's unknown what became of the garden.

Real-World References

The stone garden, especially considering it was entirely composed of military units, could be considered a reference to Arlington National Cemetery in the US. Though the illustrations don't show it with the regular grid pattern seen there.