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Smile for the stat-era!

Proposed Canon

A unit's stats (also called statistics or points) are a set of whole numbers that describe its abilities. Each unit has five knowable stats and at least two hidden stats. It is suggested that units with special abilities may have additional stats (e.g. the double-eagle's Luckamancy reserve).

Visible Stats

These can be seen by every Commander naturallyErf-b1-p040aSame-site.PNG.

Move: A measure of a unit's ability to travel across the hex grid. Units have their move reset to its full value at the beginning of their side's turn; unused move reverts to zero at the end of the turn.

Hits: A measure of the amount of damage the unit can sustain before it is croaked. Units regain all lost hits at the beginning of their side's turn.

Combat: Not explicitly described; apparently a measure of the unit's ability to inflict damage. (It is transcribed as "Attack" in one of Parson's Klog entries.)

Defense: Not explicitly described; apparently a measure of the unit's ability to minimize or avoid damage from an attack.


These can be known, but are not instantly apparent to all, and may take some reasoning.

Level: A measure of a Unit's power relative to other Units of the same type. Level is a statistic that increases with Experience gains. As Level increases, new abilities may become available.

Upkeep: Upkeep is a cost in shmuckers paid from a side's treasury each turn to maintain their Units.Erf-b1-p039Same-site.PNG Certain units, such as Decrypted, have no upkeep.Erf-b1-p145Same-site.PNG Upkeep has not been described as a stat, but it is a value that all known Units have (even if zero).

Age: A unit may track the number of turns they have currently existed for. The maximum turn-limit of a popped unit is currently unknown (and may not exist), but whilst a unit is useful to its side (and avoids croaking from damage), it will have a healthy and youthful signamancy. (This doesn't technically apply to chickens.)


Loyalty: Although the result of Natural Thinkamancy, Loyalty is expressed as a unit statistic. The current value any unit has is unknown, but that value can be altered by Thinkamancy (such as a Suggestion Spell), to demoralize or encourage units. It appears that loyalty is subjectiveHvs.tCF 277 and is different if different sides are involved.Erf-b1-p084aSame-site.PNG

Experience: Experience is a statistic theorized to exist that explains why units level. A measure of the amount of combat a Unit has participated in, this statistic increases as the Unit croaks enemies. The value of this statistic is hidden from other units and even from the Unit itself.

Score: Some believe that the Titans track the "points total" of each unit to determines its fate in the afterlife, and as a measure of one's accomplishments in life. Score is a debated matter of conjecture in Erfworld, akin to a theological argument. (Although its existence as a matter of conjecture in Erfworld is quite certain to the readership.)


Possible Stats

It is possible that Units have other non-visible stats or stats that are only relevant with certain special abilities.

Leadership: A Warlord unit may have a leadership stat that determines what bonus they provide, or the bonus may be a function of level.

Magic: All Casters of the same discipline and level may not be equal. For instance Wanda is said to be better outside of her discipline than Sizemore.Erf-b1-p013Same-site.PNG

Juice: How many spells a Caster can throw in a Turn without resorting to Scrolls. Since there are several instances of Rulers asking Casters what their juice level is, it is likely that if Juice is a Stat, that it is NOT a visible stat.

Intelligence: Obviously not everyone has equal mental abilities. It's also possible that people's mental abilities are more quantifiable on ErfWorld than Earth.

Luck: May be a sort of "natural" magical stat that may change over time and affects all units to some degree or another. Random events may be biased in favor if those with higher luck stats. Can be a positive or negative value, and may be influenced temporarily by Luckamancy.

Love: May be a sort of natural Date-a-mancy magical stat that is shared between two units and may change over time. Affects how units feel about each other and affects the decisions they make regarding each other. Love, like luck, could be a positive or negative value.

Weight: Resistance to force and gravitational pull. The only implications we've seen are the ability (or lack thereof) to mount another unit.

Fate: Some Units may have a greater propensity for attaining certain specific goals. For example, Wanda and Sylvia Lazarus both seem to have been very strongly fated, suggesting a high "Fate score".

Sovereignty: Some Rulers may have a greater degree of control over what sort of units their sides produce than others. Royals may have an advantage over Overlords here.

Immortality: If the Titans do allow some Units to have a life after death in the City of Heroes, there must be a Stat which measures how much progress a Unit has made towards being admitted to the City. One of the other stats, like Level or Experience, might be used to determine this, but it may have a separate stat, if winning isn't everything. Some Units, like Wrigley, never achieve level or experience, but still hope for immortality.