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This page describes Fanon-level fan-created material. It does not conflict with Erfworld Canon, but it is not official. This material was created by Charles.


Speewah is an Australian themed side in Erfworld ruled by Sir Baza Everage. Speewah's Heir is Tazzy Van Diemen but their Chief Warlord is presently non-royal Ned Buckethead.

Units of Speewah belong to the Outback tribe.

A clan of Tardy Elves are natural allies of Speewah, lead by Chief Hugo Halfarsed.


Speewah is a Royal Capital Side, producing human Units, including Nobles and Royals, located across the oceans far below the X-axis. Their most significant neighbour is Nupomeland who they have been at war with, since the side attacked them and took Gabashes. Nupomeland's Chief Warlord, Temuera Osbourne, croaked Speewah's ruler at the time of the battle, Sir Dom Batter, a king who was never afraid to stride onto the field of war.


The Capital of Speewah is New South Fort Whinger.


  • New South Fort Whinger - Capital
  • Melburn - Level 5
  • Queensflood - Level 2
  • Blackstumped - Level 1
  • Ulurock - Level 5
  • Bludgery Bay - Level 4 Port city
  • whykickapome - Level 1 Port city taken from Nupomeland

Former Cities

  • Gabashes - Level 3 Lost to Nupomeland

Former Characters

Current Characters


Fabricated Troops/Units

Natural Allies


Livery worn by infantry and warlords is Green and Gold (light brown shirts and pants with yellow armor) with the Speewah insignia (a red prawn/shrimp over striped black and white background) on the chest.


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Speewah shares borders with Nupomeland and Animu. It exists far across the oceans from many of the better known sides such as Jetstone and Gobwin Knob, a good deal South of the X-axis.

Real World References

The name "Speewah" is a reference to the legendary/mythical Australian farm Speewah Station.

The prawn/shrimp over the striped background is a reference to the old Paul Hogan adds promoting Australia to Tourist overseas with the slogan "I'll slip and extra Shrimp on the Barbie for you"