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Capital City
Side: Gobwin Knob (formerly Jetstone)
Level: 4 (formerly 5, lowered by battle damage, upgraded back up to 4)
Coordinates: [-1156, 398 MCS]
LIAB 4.jpg

Proposed Canon

Spacerock is a level 4 city (formerly level 5), and until recently, the capital city of Jetstone. It was formerly the capital of the Spacerock side, under the command of Spacerock the King, and at Spacerock the Battle fell to Jetstone who appropriated it as their new capital.

In the Siege of Spacerock, Jetstone switched capitals back to their old one at Jetstone city in order to shutdown the portal to the Magic Kingdom as a trap for Parson.

Unlike most cities, Spacerock does not have Tunnels. Rather, it has "an unusually ornate and well-defended Garrison. Its outer structure is not merely a wall, but a full twelve-story palace complex of rooms and chambers."

Spacerock is now a Gobwin Knob City and its current capital. The City sustained heavy damage during the battle and resulting inferno, temporarily reducing its level. It was rebuilt with minor modifications, including a garden. More significantly, the city's Tower has been transformed into a sentient structure named Jed the Head. It should also be noted that the city is now festooned with trees.


Also, instead of having an open Courtyard in its Garrison, Spacerock's Courtyard is covered by "a vaulted roof of smoked glass panels." This area is referred to as the Atrium by Jetstone and covers the entire twelve-story height of the main garrison structure.LIAB Text 25 The area above the atrium is dominated by the Tower of Jenga.LIAB Text 47

The Atrium's roof was been destroyed and the Tower was shattered during the recent Battle of Spacerock. Repair work has since been carried out.


One of the major streets in Spacerock is called Mainway.

The leaders of Gobwin Knob may be reluctant to move their capital away from Spacerock, at least until they decide whether they could or should create new sentient Towers like Jed the Head.

Real World References

The name of the faction, Jetstone, seems to be a portmanteau of the names of the Hanna-Barbera cartoons The Jetsons and The Flintstones. The capital, Spacerock, is named according to the themes on the two shows. It might be meant as a portmanteau of something starting with "Space" and Bedrock, the city the Flintstones live in. Space rock is also a subgenre of rock music that emerged in the late 1960s music scene in Britain.

Spacerock is a close match to the movie Spaceballs[1] as many of the objects in the movie were refered to as Spaceballs: The (item) much like the various aspects of Spacerock are refered to as Spacerock the Side, King, City, Battle etc.. |