Sly the Barbarian

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This page describes Fanon-level fan-created material. It does not conflict with Erfworld Canon, but it is not official.
Sly the Barbarian
Race: Men
Tribe: Lolhallan
Faction: Barbarian
Class: Warlord
Level: 19
Special: Leadership, Royal, Dance-Fighting, Forest capable, Mountain capable, Ruthlessness


"Awise! Awise, Sun! Warlords shall be cwushed, their men dwiven before me, their wulers lament and their side to wuin... ere the turn starts!"

Strengths: Leadership, Ferocity, Survival, Cunning

Weaknesses: Subtelety, Mercy, Memory

Sly the Barbarian is one of the oldest known warlords in Erfworld with legend having it that he is over twenty thousand turns old, that he lived when the Titans walked Erfworld, still creating her, or that he is the first Warlord. Sly can't actually remember his early turns, and frankly couldn't give a Gump's twig, but there's no denying that he is indeed very old if his Level of 19 is any indication of a Unit thats had a long time to gain experience.


Sly is a tall, broad shouldered man with shoulder length, grey hair and sullen blue eyes often wearing little more than a loin cloth and wielding a rusty crowbar. He has the appearance of a man in his late 70's and seems to have a slight speech impediment.


Sly's old age and appearance mask his surprisingly violent and ferocious attude in combat where he wields his crowbar against enemy with frightful results. He will answer insults from even an ally with violent retribution and rarely tolerate diplomacy with a force he deems weaker than his. However he is also known for a sense of humor around the camp fire and carries a lot of respect from those he leads. More than one opposing warlord has also mistook his aggressive behaviour to indicate that Sly is a simpleton only to discover that this old warlord has a significant cunning streak that sees through enemy traps and deceit. When cunning fails him he relies on the force to get out of trouble... Brute force.

Personal Equipment

  • Large, Rusty Crowbar
  • Loincloth (Randomly makes shockamancy attacks during combat)



Sly appears to have no serious long-term goals for world domination, riches or starting a side of his own. He is presently a Barbarian leading a large Barbarian horde made up of nearly a dozen other barbarian warlords, who pool their purse together with Sly's to pay for their unit's upkeep and sometimes even casters, ransacking level one and two cities on the outer edges of Sides for Shmuckers and even hiring out now and then.


Once in a while a coalition forms or a side commits significant resources to crushing Sly's forces or the side he works for but he has always survived such battles with at least his life since many who chase him see value in capturing such a high level Warlord and spending the Shmuckers on a Turnamancer if need be. As a plundering Barbarian, he is well known to vacate cities quickly and rarely attacks the same side too often so most of his victims are willing to let him escape and reclaim the ransacked city rather than loose more forces for retribution or commit a large enough force to succeed.


Sly is actually a Royal Unit and begun by leading his own Side which fell many turns ago. Over the many turns he has gone between the roles of Barbarian and Ruler Sometimes even swearing fealty to a side as their Chief Warlord or serving as a captured unit under a Loyalty spell.

Real World References

Sly the Barbarian references several individuals including Sylvester "Sly" Stalone, Conan the Barbarian and Théoden Ednew the King of Rohan.

Sly's weapon of choice, the crobwar, is a link to the melee weapon from the half-life game series.


"something like a level 20 unit is completely unheard of" Word of the Titans#6011549