Slately-Ace Relationship

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Ace Hardware popped shortly after Holly Shortcake, Jetstone's first Dollamancer, croaked.

King Slately hated Ace, mostly because he saw Ace as a joke and punishment from the Titans for being careless with Holly's life. Slately considered him an unworthy successor to Holly, whom he loved, and generally referred to Ace as 'Dollamancer'. King Slately and his various Chief Warlords refused to allow Ace to experiment with his preferred talents, only allowing him to use Holly's designs in honor of her legacy.

During the Siege of Spacerock, Gobwin Knob came to seriously threaten the Jetstone side. Longing to see his talents recognized, Ace came up with a plan of escape that revolved around his accessories. Desperate for a plan, any plan, King Slately overheard Ace's discussion and finally started to see Ace's value. When King Slately's Ditto made his last charge, he allowed Ace to participate against his better judgment to make up for his mistreatment.

Slately : Ace Hardware