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Proposed Canon

First Mentioned: Hvs.tCF 99

Sister whispers is the name given by the archons of Charlescomm to the many rumors about Charlie.

Known Rumors

  • Charlie has been stockpiling weapons of Dollamancy/Weirdomancy that grant the archery special against a possible future time when he will need to triple his units' firepower. Guns are confirmed by Lilith.
  • Charlie is the Arkendish itself.
  • Charlie is a fallen Titan
  • Charlie has a button to blow up the world.
  • Charlie is master class in all disciplines, including Retconjuration and three others no one else has heard of. Disproven by Charlie himself, who admits he isn't exactly an expert on Croakamancy.
  • Charlie has allies on the moon.
  • Charlie's personal equipment of manhood is so enormous that it occupies all of floors 38 and 39 of Comm Tower. Disproven by Lilith.