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Hvs.tCF 276.jpg
Charlescomm (city) City
Race: Tower / City
Faction: Charlescomm
Special: Sentinel

Proposed Canon

First appearance: Hvs.tCF 276

Shirley is a sentient tower (although she prefers temple) with golem-like qualities.

It was "awakened" from the Comm Tower by a State 8.2 trance-fusion of the Great Minds, Ivan Poe and Claud Gauntlet, mostly driven by the latter and his newfound understanding of Dollamancy and the creation of golems. This was done in a similar fashion to Jed, since the link-up consisted of a Dollamancer, a Dirtamancer and Thinkamancers.

The tower took an active role in managing incoming Arkendish calls and filtering channels available to Charlie, while allowing him a shocked connection again (it wasn't available since the city was downgraded by Lilith)Erf-b3-p281Same-site.PNG.

She sees Charlescomm units as her children and acts like a mother figure to them – such as inducing a restriction on Charlie's usage of Gardening Channel after learning it's basically a drug usage.

Just like Jed, Shirley does not qualify as a unit, nor is she subject to orders.

Real World References

The art style of the changed tower is close to Cycladic art and culture.

Shirley Temple is a well known American actress.