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Charlescomm (city) City
Race: Temple
Faction: Charlescomm
Special: Sentinel

Proposed Canon

So how 'bout that snack, slugger? I'm thinkin' I'll pop some popcorn.

First appearance: Hvs.tCF 276

Name revealed: Hvs.tCF 281

Shirley is a sentient tower (although she prefers temple) with golem-like qualities.

It was "awakened" from the Comm Tower by a State 8.2 trance-fusion of the Great Minds, Ivan Poe and Claud Gauntlet, mostly driven by the latter and his newfound understanding of Dollamancy and the creation of golems. This was done in a similar fashion to Jed, since the link-up consisted of a Dollamancer, a Dirtamancer and Thinkamancers.

The tower took an active role in managing incoming Arkendish calls and filtering channels available to Charlie, while allowing him a shocked connection again (it wasn't available since the city was downgraded by Lilith)Erf-b3-p281Same-site.PNG.

She sees Charlescomm units as her children and acts like a mother figure to them – such as inducing a restriction on Charlie's usage of Gardening Channel after learning it's basically a drug usage.

Just like Jed, Shirley does not qualify as a unit, nor is she subject to orders.

It sounds like Shirley uses dated (mid-West?) American slang (e.g. "slugger"), and also seems to have some "dated" prejudices; she repeatedly makes inaccurate references to Huehue's signamancy.Hvs.tCF 341

Real World References

The art style of the changed tower is close to Cycladic art and culture.

Shirley Temple is a well known American actress.

Shirley's personality and speech patterns may be based on the title character of the TV series Hazel, portrayed by actress Shirley Booth. (There is still reasonable doubt about this theory.)