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'S a peekaneek basket, lud.

Proposed Canon

Fabrication is a Special Ability using Natural Dollamancy that allows a Unit to create small nonmagical items like coins, armor, and equipment.[1]. It also allows for basic city repairs and maintaining Dirtamancy upgrades.[2]

Creating items with fabrication requires raw materials. For example making a chair requires reusing existing furniture or using wood, rawhide, nails and glue.[3]

Dollamancy has been described as Fabrication with a Motion element.[4]

Janis offered Parson and his troops a meal in the Glade of the Hippiemancers which they ate with what appeared to be hand-carved utensils, rather than the expertly crafted ones made using Twollish Fabrication.[5] This implies units can create items without the fabrication special or magic, but the result is of lower quality.

Shipwrights, introduced in Duke Forecastle's story, seem to be a special type of fabricator that deals exclusively with the building and maintenence of ships. [6]

Known Users

Known fabricated items


Fabricators may use Natural Dollamancy. Also, ships use Shockmancy, so Shipwrights may additionally use Natural Shockmancy.

Fabricators seem to be very nimble with their hands and are very ingenuitive. They may be the equivalent of engineers which would make them the ideal for buildin, repairing, and improving certain types of siege engines, city walls, or other structures. Fabricators also seem to be capable of cooking and smiting as seen by Zhopa and Bogroll respectively.


  • Forging of weapons and armor that doesn't pop with units is covered by this ability.
  • Zhopa takes a wicker basket that has no handle and adds a handle to it, creating a picnic basket for Parson.


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