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Race: Men
Faction: Barbarian (formerly Unaroyal)
Class: Caster (Carnymancer)
Special: Royal


First Mention: LIAB Prologue 22

First Appearance: LIAB 57

Proposed Canon

"Fate is simply the ultimate Carnymancer. It doesn't play fair. And therefore, neither should we!"

Strengths: Excellent Pitchman

Weaknesses: Untrustworthy Reputation

Prince Jeftichew "the Disgraced" (as spelled by Queen Bea in LIAB Prologue 22), or Jefftichew, also going by "Jojo" (as he introduces himselfErf-b2-p62Same-site.PNG), is a Carnymancer formerly in the service of Unaroyal, now residing in the Magic Kingdom.

Some number of turns ago he was involved in saving Sylvia Lazarus when she, a level 1 stabber, was burnt in a city of Powerstone when they both were Unaroyal units.[1] He used considerable juice over multiple turns to do so, and has confessed to Parson that she "meant a great deal to [his] foolish heart." He tried to cheat Fate by assigning a different agent of destruction for Sylvia, though in the end Fate caught up with her, even though technically Jojo's changes were not broken either.

Before he was released to the Magic Kingdom by Queen Bea he pledged to work only for royal sides.[2]

During the Siege of Spacerock he was next to some orange portal in the Portal ParkErf-b2-p57Same-site.PNG when he saw Sizemore encounter Janis and Marie and walk away in the direction of Spacerock portal. He hid behind Gobwin Knob's portal for Parson Gotti's second entrance to the Magic Kingdom and chased Parson through the "underground passage", trying to either cast the GTFO scroll on him or just pass it over and convince the perfect warlord to cast the scroll himself.

Jeftichew was recruited by CharlieErf-b3-p152Same-site.PNG and carried out a task of neutralizing Parson Gotti in the Magic Kingdom. He rallied up a few other barbarian Carnies (in particular: Dove Barstool, Sean Mattox and Abner Washboard) to rabble-rouse and help the cause, but eventually let Parson go through the portal after what seemed like Charlie's request via a thinkagram.Erf-b2-p94Same-site.PNG.

Jojo stirred up trouble again when Gobwin Knob was fighting inside the Magic Kingdom, convincing free casters to engage the Gobwin Knob units. He has been working on Charlie's behalf since then, convincing barbarian casters that Gobwin Knob initiated the fighting and offering Benjamin intelligence about Charlescomm's bounty on Parson.



Although not explicitly stated, it seems clear that Jojo was acting on Charlie's orders during the Portal Run of Book 2, by delivering the Dismiss Perfect Warlord scroll and arguing in favor of letting Parson through Jetstone's portal.

Jojo has told Parson that he considers Charlie to be his benefactor. Precisely what Charlie has done for Jojo is not yet known. It may involve training as a Carnymancer, revenge for the fall of Unaroyal, or assistance in the difficult task of simply surviving as a barbarian carnymancer. In any case, Jojo has apparently done business with Charlie before and signed a non-disclosure agreement.

Roger Victor Clarence believes that Jojo's true loyalties are to Royalty and that his work for Charlie is a ruse. Jojo claims to be willing to work with Roger to take down Gobwin Knob and Charlescomm both so as to transfer their Arkentools to Royal ownership.

Dove Barstool

Dove was a member of Jojo's stack during the final push to the Jetstone portal. How well they know each other is unclear; their interactions seem polite, and Dove backed Jojo when he announced his reversal on the subject of letting Parson through.

Sylvia Lazarus

Jojo clearly cared deeply for Sylvia, but she did not apparently return his affections.

Real World References

Fedor Jeftichew was a 19th century circus sideshow performer, "Jo-jo the Dog-faced Boy," who moved to the United States to tour with P.T. Barnum at 16. Jeftichew the Carnymancer sports similar dress and facial hair (though Jefftichew's seems to be within the normal human range, rather than hypertrichosis).

Jeftichew wears something very like a uniform worn by George Harrison's "Sgt. Pepper" analog, such as seen in the movie Yellow Submarine. His use of the lines "Here comes the sun" and "Isn't it a pity" are references to songs of the same names, both written by Harrison. His appearance may be generically Beatle-esque rather than referring to a specific band member, as his facial features most closely resemble Ringo Starr's and he also has a line It don't come easy," which is Starr's signature tune.

In addition, the nickname "Jojo" may be a simultaneous reference both to the Barnum performer, who was known as "Jo-Jo the Dog-Faced Boy", and the Lennon/McCartney song "Get Back" about a man named Jojo.

In light of this information, the fact that his name in-comic is spelled "Jefftichew," adding an "f," suggests a typo or alternate spelling.