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Proposed Canon

Erfworlders possess the basic 5 senses humans have (sight, touch, hearing, smell, taste). But many others also exist. These include:

  • Ruler sense, a form of natural thinkamancy that allows a ruler to determine the status of all their units.[1]
  • Chief Warlord sense, which enables the Chief Warlord to detect the stats of their cities and detect if enemy units enter it.[2]
  • First Mate sense, which tells them the status of their ship and crew, and Captain sense, a stronger version of the same.
  • Intuition, a subconscious awareness of a unit's own Fate.[3]
  • Treasury sense, which allows all commanders on a capital side to know how wealthy their side is.
  • A caster's magical sense. This allows a caster to evaluate what a magic item or scroll does.[4] Casters also have additional special senses relating to their discipline, including:
    • A carnymancer's ability to sense what another unit believes. Using this requires touch.
    • A changemancer's ability to analyze materials.
    • A croakamancer's ability to sense dead bodies and their status.[5]
    • A date-a-mancer's ability to evaluate H-strings and the numbers lying behind relationships.[6]
    • A dirtamancer's ability to sense the earth in deep, primal ways, and know the layout of the terrain.[7] They also have some capacity for analyzing material in general, though not with the same sophistication as a Changemancer.
    • A dollamancer's ability to sense what kind of magic was used to create a magic item they are touching. They cannot always sense the disciplines used if they were combined in a caster link.
    • A florist's ability to sense life auras.[8]
    • A foolamancer's ability to see what another unit sees, including hallucinations.[9]
    • A predictamancer's ability to intuit near-term outcomes.[10] They can also detect who is protected by Fate.
    • A rhyme-o-mancer's ability to sense a unit's inner nature and determine their true intent.
    • A signamancer's ability to determine the deeper meaning behind a symbol.
    • A thinkamancer's ability to directly to sense g-strings, as well as the status of every unit in a given hex.[11]
      And many more that cannot even be described to anyone other than a Thinkamancer.
    • A turnamancer's ability to detect a unit's drive and motives.

There are status effects that can disable a unit's senses, like blindness. Additionally, sight, hearing, and even touch can be simulated by Foolamancy.


Ace Hardware was able to detect a veiled toy soldier's approach well before anyone else, suggesting that Dollamancers are able to sense Dollamancy golems.

Jed, an awakened city, somehow knew that Juggle Elves were using destructive foraging around Rightshoring, suggesting that cities themselves have some sort of sense that can reach across many hexes.


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