Second Battle of Warchalking

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Destruction of Unaroyal
Second Battle of Warchalking, Second Battle of Orgchart, Battle of Unavac, Un-aroyal

Previous battle: Battle for Gobwin Knob
Concurrent battle: First Battle of Pantstown
Next battle: Second Battle of Orgchart
The Second Battle of Warchalking
Conflict: Wars of Stanley the Tool, Destruction of Unaroyal
Date: 4 turns after the Battle for Gobwin Knob, 13 AW
Place: Warchalking
Outcome: Gobwin Knob Victory

Gobwin Knob


  • None

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Proposed Canon

With a strike force of units that had a minimum of eighteen move and six base attack, plus bonuses from a Chief Warlord and the Arkenpliers, the Gobwin Knob forces greatly outstrengthed the leaderless defenders. The force burst through the gate and took the Garrison in moments, capturing then executing all the remaining troops.

Proposed Canon