Seafarer jargon

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Seafarer units have their own jargon, here are some terms in an easy to understand fashion.

  • Bowsprit
    • The mastlike protrusion (“spar”) jutting out from the bow of the ship. Shoots forward.
  • Broadside
    • Firing all the beam weapons on one side of the ship at the same time.
  • Forecastle
    • The upper front portion of the ship
  • Gunwale
    • The edges along the top of the ship. Not to be confused with Gun whales.
  • Mast
    • The long vertical poles on a ship. Stores shockmancy charges. On a three masted ship, from front to back, they are called the “foremast,” the “mainmast,” and the “mizzen.”
  • Spar
    • The poles that sails are attached to. Ship's beam weapons: shoots shockmancy charges. Can be fired individually.
  • Yard
    • The horizontal poles ("spars") that stick out from the sides of masts. Shoots to sides.