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Proposed Canon

A Sea Power or Maritime Power is a side with a strong navy. Sea Powers usually have several coastal cities, able to pop ships, sailors to crew them, and warlords with the seafarer special. Since ships are more effective if all of their crew are seafarers, it is likely most units have this special, with a smaller number being conventional infantry and warlords.

Sea Powers can have inland cities, though they likely aren't the majority. Known sea powers have or develop a strong naval tradition, with customs, seafarer jargon, superstitions, and rituals that seem bizarre to non-seafarers. Sailors believe these to cause or control luckamancy to some degree.

Because ships have greater range than units on land, Sea powers tend to range far and wide. Maritime Empires may have hundreds of hexes separating cities. Maritime powers can face Land and Air powers as rivals. The former if their inland or coastal cities are near a larger landmass, the latter they may face presumably anywhere, though comments have been to the effect that it's unusual to face an air power at sea.

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