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Roadside Moat-tells for travellers have them in the bedside tables.

Proposed Canon

Scripture refers to a set of three religious texts of unknown source and meaning, which appear in all libraries of Erfworld: the books of Canon, Retcon and Fanon.WB2014 Lord Crush - Part 2 These books are further divided into other books themselves, such as the Book of Fats. Possibly the root of Titanic religion. Vinny Doombats refers to it during a talk with Prince Ansom.TBFGK 68

Known Books

Known Subjects


Book of Canon speaks of afterlife and how croaked Units are judged by the Titans.WB2014 Duke Forecastle - Part 10

Tramennis mentions a "Scorist" version of this, which is the belief that all your actions result in a change in an invisible stat called a "score".LIAB Text 15 Upon croaking, a unit does not have to give an account of their lives to the Titans, but are automatically assigned to their place in the afterlife. This belief does not have much basis in the official scriptures.

Book of Ray tells that there is no returning back no more (no more, no more) from the afterlife. Scripture also forbids speaking of the deceased as if they still affected or cared for those still living.

Behavior of Kings

There is no lower act than for a King to disband his knave.WB2014 Lord Crush - Part 4

No King has to tolerate dis-Loyalty from any Unit.WB2014 Lord Crush - Part 4

Book of Fanon: Rulers should not interfere with how a Chief Warlord decides to run their side's military in a war. Hvs.tCF 146


The Book of Frankie talks about honor in fighting and fighting fair even against a dishonorable foe, as that would distinguish good and evil in the eyes of the Titans.Hvs.tCF 261

Founding Cities

Scripture says that the Signamancy and configuration of a newly founded city follows the ruler’s inner desires. WB2014 Duke Forecastle - Part 25


The Book of Fats states that the Titans created the original 99 kings and queens directly with their own hands.Hvs.tCF 44


According to the scriptures, analyzing one's performance, such as in combat or casting, is part of the process of leveling.IPTSF Text 77


Part of the Book of Buddy: "For a King or a Warlord may cut a fine swath by sword, yet still they may fall to an enemy blow. Or a King or a Warlord may hide behind walls, safe from the weapons of their enemies, but still they may starve and depop. But the King or the Warlord who goes forth, a sword in one hand to conquer, a shield in the other to protect, shall both progress and conserve, and therefore prosper, whatever their Luck may bring. Wisdom stands with one foot on either side of the bell curve."Hvs.tCF 39


Book of Canon talks about “will” and “strength of spirit” and other non quantifiables.Hvs.tCF 9


Scripture speaks of at least some of the specials that exist in Erfworld.


Scripture says that Thinkamancers keep many secrets. Caesar mentally notes that while he dislikes the fact that Bunny keeps secrets from him, such secrecy is mentioned in scripture as an accepted characteristic of Thinkamancers. Hvs.tCF 151


The scripture might be a hint that there are quite highly developed religious ideas in Erfworld. There have been a few other references to religion during the Book 2 Prologues, but with no introduction of actual texts.