Scoobydom and Tweedledom

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Proposed Canon

Scoobydom and Tweedledom were two sides mentioned in a story by Charlie to WandaHvs.tCF 260. Scoobydom was ruled by an overlord, while Tweedledom was Royal.

Charlie brokered a contract between the two sides with very steep violation penalties. The sides got close and Chief Warlord of Scoobydom was spending a lot of time in Tweedledom's capital, eventually falling in love with the Queen of Tweedledom.

About 450 turns after the armistice that Chief Warlord got drunk while in Tweedledom's capital, went to the barracks and started punching (though not croaking) Tweedledom's soldiers until there were enough penalties to award all Scoobydom's units and cities to Tweedledom, including the Chief Warlord himself.


These sides might not have actually existed, being only concocted by Charlie to make a point.

Real World References

Scoobydom and Tweedledom's names based off of Scooby-Doo and Tweedle Dee (as in Tweedledum and Tweedledee) respectively. Each of their final sylables contain the same vowel sound as their first respective syllable, which has been replaced with the suffix "-dom".