Rudolfo Sagittari

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Rudolfo Sagittari
Race: Men
Tribe: Jetstone
Faction: Jetstone
Class: Infantry, Archer

Proposed Canon

First Appearance: LIAB Text 55

Rudolfo Sagittari is an archer popped as garrison unit in Spacerock around seventeen hundred turns before Siege of Spacerock. He was popped as part of a stack of eight archers bearing the Sagittari CXIV stack name. His sisters and brothers were called Mary, Carrie, Terry, Jerry, Harry, Perry, and Rudolfo.LIAB_Text_55

His stack was tasked with guarding a section of the outer walls. They received no combat training and saw no action until Gobwin Knob forces led by Wanda Firebaugh invaded the airspace of Spacerock.

Rudolfo is quiet, almost as quiet as Mary. He was the first to spot Queen Jillian's Megalogwiffs heading to Spacerock.

Real World References

"Sagittarius" means "archer" ("armed with arrows and bow") in Latin. "Sagittarii" is plural for "sagittarius". "Sagittari CXIV" may refer to Roman army where units were numbered in a similar fashion.

His name and the names of his brothers and sisters - Mary, Carrie, Terry, Jerry, Perry, Harry, Gary, and Rudolfo - may refer to reindeer drawing Santa's sleigh (particularly, Rudolf - a reindeer with a shiny nose).