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Proposed canon

Rubicon is a trigger word programmed into all the golems in Transylvito. Its exact effect is unknown.

Don King revealed the trigger word to Vanna when she was visiting him.Erf-b3-p160Same-site.PNG According to Don, it would ensure Vanna's safety.

Vanna is the only person known to have used the word.Erf-b3-p185Same-site.PNG When she spoke the word in the presence of (then-prisoners) Parson and Jack, the dolls pursued and immobilized them.Erf-b3-p186Same-site.PNG In conversation with Charlie, Vanna guessed that it woke Don King, and put the dolls under his control.


Vanna's guess is probably correct but incomplete. The molls took immediate action when triggered, faster than Don could reasonably have issued an order. As ruler of the side, Don would already have had control over the molls, so it was just a matter of making him aware of the situation.

It's possible that the Transylvitian golems have standing orders to subdue escaped prisoners, or to subdue all non-allied units, when triggered by Rubicon.