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Proposed Canon

Royalism is the idea of Titans favoring those Rulers of Royal lineage. It is an older ideology, followed by Jetstone and other sides that rule by what they see as divine right.

This Royalist ideology formed the basis for the first Royal Crown Coalition in direct opposition to the perceived Toolist threat from Stanley.

Royalism is strongly associated with honor and honesty. But many Royals only use these otherwise noble ideals as a way of smugly asserting their superiority over others. It is common for them to use loopholes or otherwise abuse the spirit of Royalism's honor code.LIAB 36

Adherents believe that a unit's full potential is available and decided when they pop. For example, someone popped as a stabber or an archer would make an excellent soldier, but would never learn to become an excellent strategist, as someone popped as a warlord would. For this reason, followers of the Royalist ideology tend to frown on promotion. The idea of a lowly stabber ascending into rulership of a former Royal side as Stanley did is downright anathema to them. This belief has basis in Scripture, which states that the Titans will punish anyone who strays too far from their Number.

Not all Royal sides follow this ideology. In fact, not all Royal sides that claim to follow this ideology actually believe in it. For example, Haggar only pretends to believe in Royal ideals to manipulate Slately. Such sides are sometimes referred to as being Royal In Name Only.LIAB Text 9


Both Toolism and Royalism share the same basic belief that there is a Titanic mandate giving those in charge the right to rule. However, as with many Real World religions, their dispute is in the details, as each side sees its own unique position, either as part of a noble lineage in the case of the Royalist, or being attuned to an Arkentool in the case of the Toolists, gives them the greater "mandate" to rule both their own side, and the world at large.