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Council's in session.

Proposed Canon

The RCC War Council was a gathering of the Leadership of the Royal Crown Coalition, including Chief Warlord Prince Ansom and the Warlords of the various Sides of the RCC.

The first gathering addressed by Prince Ansom as war council[1] and included several dozen members[2], including various kinds of elves and several marbits. It is possible that these could be Warlords for their respective groups. ITt is also possible that this was a general gathering and included non-leadership units. However, despite the term council, it appears that Ansom was merely giving them their marching orders, to pass on to their troops, rather than looking for advice or counsel.

Later, a smaller gathering (consisting of only a few people) acted as a "privy" council to Prince Ansom.[3] This group would offer opinions to Ansom, both requested and otherwise.

Head of Council

The only known Leader to fill this position was Prince Ansom, Chief Warlord to Jetstone. As all Coalition forces were destroyed shortly after his death, it is possible that no other Warlord was elevated to this position.

Privy Council

Notably, no representative of Foxmud or Charlescomm was ever present (Charlescomm being mercenaries and late additions, and having no Commanders to speak of makes sense; a clear reason for the lack of Foxmud representation hasn't been arrived at), and the Superfluous Warlord seemed to be the representative for the entire Elf contingent. Tarfu might be included, but never appears with the rest of the commanders.

Of these, those consistently present are Duke Nozzle, Sylvia Lazarus, and the Blue and Superfluous Warlords. These four were the ones who ate at Ansom's table the night before the final assault. (The Marbit Warlord may have already left for the tunnels). They also by turns argued with, supported, and stood in for Ansom as the battle plan fell apart.

It seems no member of the council is Royal (other than Jillian) and few, possibly none other than Vinny and Duke Nozzle, are noble, or at least that they all have more progressive views on the subject of equality than Ansom does.[12]

Possible Members


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