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This page describes Fanon-level fan-created material. It does not conflict with Erfworld Canon, but it is not official. This material was created by Charles.
Class: Flying unit
Move: 40 (68 roads)
Hits: 8
Combat: 2
Defense: 3
Special: Flight, Water, Foolamancy, Mount


A Rolladuck is a mountable Flying unit with the Flight and Water Natural Abilities. They also have some Natural Foolamancy which allows them to wear a veil in the form of another unit of equal or slightly greater size.

Rolladucks appearance is that of a male Mallard Duck sitting on four tyres. They have a timid but friendly disposition and are one of the more common wild units, although they appear more commonly, close to the X-axis during colder turns and more commonly away from it during warmer ones.

Known Rolladuck Users

So far only Dwarfy tribes are known to use Rolladucks, particularly Baron Shortarse.

Additional Information

Rolladucks have the Flight special which allows them to travel through the air, high above the ground without suffering penalties for difficult terrain.

Rolladucks have the Water special which allows them to travel on the surface of water hexes and even dive beneath the surface temporarily to attack underwater units.

Rolladucks are able to travel at incredible speeds, even beyond that of their flight, through hexes with roads or paths, flicking their tongues and crying "beep beep" as they cruise past other units in what is often called their Rollarunner mode. Doing this, they can actually travel further, at a massive 68 hexes, compared to flying at a mere 40 hexes per turn. They cannot do this in hexes without roads or paths.

Rolladucks have the Foolamancy special which exhibits it's self as a natural ability to veil themselves. However they cannot veil themslves at terrain, only as other units of equal or slightly greater size. This has often been used to carry out surprise attacks by disguising as friendly or wild units before revealing themselves and "duckrolling" over the duped units.

Rolladucks can be harvested for rations.

Real World References

Rolladucks are a reference to the common image of a Male Mallard duck on Tyres used for Duckrolling which is a process of duping people into clicking a link to the image under the guise of them finding something else. This is further supported by their natural Foolamancy ability to veil themselves as other units.

There is also a mild reference to Warner Brother's Road Runner in the Rolladuck's ability to go faster through hexes with roads or paths, together with its behaviour of crying "beep beep" at other units while it does so.