Roger Victor Clarence

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Roger Victor Clarence
Race: Men
Faction: Magic Kingdom (Great Minds that Think Alike), (formerly Overthrone)
Class: Caster, Headmaster (Master of Thinkamancy, Adept of Foolamancy, Novice of Lookamancy)
Level: 10



Side of Origin: Overthrone
Age: 28,800 turns

The oldest of the Great Minds that Think Alike, Roger is revered for his great power and keen judgement. He usually speaks little and listens intently, except when he is lecturing on Titanic scripture. He has lived in the Magic Kingdom most of his life, having been hastily dismissed from service by King Napoleon XIV as enemies came to take him away.

Roger sees Thinkamancy as the "purest" discipline of magic, arguing that reality is entirely of the mind. He is also a strict believer in the Royal Titanic mandate, and only offers his services to Royal sides.

He has followed the events surrounding the Arkentools with increasing dismay, having served three members of the Royal Crown Coalition at various times. At the time of the Battle for Gobwin Knob, he was in the employ of Queen Bea of Unaroyal.[1]

Proposed Canon

Thinkamancy is a beacon, a lantern which casts shadows. By our studies, we become increasingly enlightened. But the more brightly we shine, the more those in the shadows will complain about the darkness.

First Appearance: Possibly LIAB Text 40 or even LIAB Text 38, Definitely LIAB 58:10

Roger is a Headmaster among the Thinkamancers.

While he goes along with the consensus of his fellow Thinkamancers, he greatly fears the implications of their plan, since Gobwin Knob is a threat to the Royal mandate, and Parson may well become an even greater threat to the Thinkamancers than Charlie.[2]

He displays a visceral dislike of Carnymancy, reacting poorly to the news that Charlie is a Carnymancer. When Parson brings the linked Maggie, Sizemore and Ace to the Magic Kingdom to have the link broken, and is speaking with the Carnymancer Jojo, Roger personally bars Jojo from approaching the Temple. However, it appears that the real purpose of Roger's strong-arming of Jojo was to covertly receive a small written note from him, suggesting that Roger has some hidden agenda.

In truth, Roger is a traitor to the Great Minds and has been conspiring with Jojo. While he considers them his close friends, he is also a strong believer in Royalism and considers the Great Minds' current schemes to be a huge mistake. Roger and Jojo performed a caster link in the garden of the city of Unaroyal, betraying both of their disciplines in the process. While linked, Roger discovered what Carnymancy truly is and combined it with his Thinkamancy. The Great Minds have methods to ensure that they all Think Alike. But using this caster link, Roger was able to partition his treachery and hide it away into a Thinkspace copy of the garden, allowing him to secretly betray the Great Minds while remaining consciously loyal.

During the Battle of the Magic Kingdom, Charlie slew many of the Great Minds by bombing their temple. He proceeded to pin the blame on Parson Gotti, affirming Roger's fears and leading him to pursue vengeance by attempting to assassinate Parson.

Real World References

His visual design is a reference to Clarence Thomas.

His name is a reference to the flight crew of Trans American 209.

His former Ruler, Napoleon XIV, is a reference to a musical artist from the 1960s, who released a comedy song called "They're Coming To Take Me Away (ha ha)"