Robert Dinero

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Robert Dinero
Race: Men
Faction: Delkey
Class: Caster (Moneymancer)
Rank and Titles: Duke of Foreshift

Proposed Canon

First Appearance: WB2014 Digdoug - Episode 6

His High Lordship, Chief Caster of Delkey, Duke of Foreshift, Robert Dinero, is Chief Moneymancer of Delkey.

He wears a relatively modest wig and his body is drapped in a green Wizard's robe, embroidered with arcane symbols in threads of silver and gold. His face appears strangely pinched, with his cheekbones seeming to push his eyelids up into a permanent squint.

Real World References

His whole name is a reference to the actor Robert De Niro. (links: wiki page, imdb)

His last name is a reference to dinero, which is a spanish word literally translated as money.

His outfit may be a refernce to Matthew Lesko, an American author famous for his books on obtaining free money. He was known for wearing a suit covered in question marks.

His title of Foreshift is a reference that the keyboard key for the "$" character is typed by combining the shift key and the number 4 on the keyboard.

Preceded by:
Chief Caster of Delkey Succeeded by:
None, incumbent