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Proposed Canon

Rituals are spiritual practices superstitious Erfworlders use when attempting to influence their Fate. It is unknown whether juiceless rituals have any actual effect.

Seafarers in particular have many dozens of rituals meant to keep them, their ship, and their shipmates safe. It's unknown if they're unique to a side or a part of common Erfworld culture among sailors. Examples include certain habits of speech (such as refraining from speech that would tempt Fate), placing coins between the planks by their bunks, and hiding their shoes.


Whether or not they work, they are presumably classified as a form of Natural Signamancy.

Though there is no concrete evidence regarding their effectiveness, it is notable that Erfworld will often name entities after their fates. For example, Lady Sylvia Lazarus essentially came back from the dead twice. The converse has also proven true, with entities named by Erfworlders ending up with fates related to their names. A ship that was christened the HMS Hubris Unsinkable sank on its maiden voyage.