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Proposed Canon

Seafarer is a special which imbues the unit with knowledge related to the ships and the sea in addition to bonuses for sea combat.

This special adds the total move of all seafarers on a ship designated as crew, and divides that by a number determined by the ship's condition and design to determine the ship's own move.

Seafarers add to the attack power of their ship's Shockmancy beam weapons.

As far as Duke Forecastle is aware, the Seafarer special does not include the ability to tame feral units.

Seafarers are also burdened by superstition to an almost crippling degree. Anchorbar has mitigated the negative effects by placing non-seaferers in the command chain. They tend to be highly superstitious about Signs, Luckamancy, and Fate. They often perform rituals in attempts to bring good fortune.

Seafarers have their own jargon.

Types of Seafarers