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Stagemancy Hat Magic Carnymancy Rhyme-o-mancy

Rhyme-o-mancy is one of the three disciplines of the Magic class Stagemancy; it is aligned with the axis of Numbers and composed of all three elements of Life, Motion and Matter.Erf-b1-p038aSame-site.PNG

Proposed Canon

Rhyme-o-mancy's most frequent use in the comic is to provide boosts to other forms of magic. Several casters across various disciplines have used rhyming incantations to enhance their spells. In contrast, direct rhyme-o-mancy cast on its own has not been shown except in the backer story Dylan and Thomas.

Rhymes require some degree of verbal skill and originality. If a particular rhyme becomes too familiar, its efficacy declines.

There appears to be a relationship between Rhyme-o-mancy and music. When Shawn Bawn added his horn to Wanda's dance fighting, the effect became more powerful.


Incantations can boost or diminish the performances of almost anybody to the higher or lower end of their potential effect. However, the incantation must both be clever and rhyme, otherwise the performance may fail completely.
Inner Nature Sense
Can sense an unit's inner nature, giving them the ability to identify its true intent. This costs no juice.
Write Epic
An epic gives a leadership boost to the entire side as if the chief warlord himself had leveled up. Completing an epic requires a clear understanding of the subject and twenty turns' worth of composing and casting. A master rhyme-o-mancer can write an epic from rumor and reputation alone, but a novice one requires spending some time with the unit the epic is written for.
Craft Talisman
Can craft talismans of unknown utility.

Known Incantations

Improvised Verse by Ace Hardware while capturing an ArchonLIAB_80
performed while mounted on a Unipegataur
LIAB 80.jpg
Ace is on the case!
Yeah. Gonna join the chase,
gonna... get in their face.
Get in the, um, race...
Save this whole place.
Rock their, uh... face!
And I'm gonna save that big ol' Rock called Space!

Improvised Verse by Wanda FirebaughIPTSF_Text_18
performed while Uncroaking Tommy Firebaugh
Skin, to muscle, to sinew, to bone.
My brother-protector, you've left me alone.
Naughtymance, bodymance, fleshmistress, I
Take this gift you've bequeathed me, in place of good-bye.

Fragment of a Rhyme-o-Mancy Rant by BenjaminLIAB_Text_34
performed while in the Transylvito War room
What ho, the kingdom and the King?
They're the same flippin' thing.

Known Rhyme-o-mancers


It appears that Warlords, Casters and (possibly) even regular troops are capable of using Natural Rhyme-o-mancy, though only a Caster who posesses that discipline may use the Real Deal.

There have been several apparent instances of Rhyme-o-mancy being used in the comic, though how many are Natural Rhyme-o-mancy, Genuine or even not Rhyme-o-mancy at all (but merely have the appearance of Rhyme-o-mancy) are a bit unclear.

  • One apparent example of direct Rhyme-o-mancy, a short but complex poem on the subject of Transylvito, Don King, and Queen Jillian.book-2-–-text-updates-034 External.png It describes the side's current situation, and casts the Don's recent actions negatively. But the final lines seem to indicate that the poem is actually a spell: "Perchance he enchants, he incants, he cancels the antsy with a rant in Rhyme-o-mancy." Based on that wording, we may speculate that this spell is intended to allay the fears of the Don's followers. If it "cancels the antsy" it may improve loyalty and morale, or at least stop negative gossip.

The poem is accompanied by a picture of Benjamin in the court of Transylvito, standing somewhat apart from the Don and his warlords. Benjamin is most likely a Moneymancer who has the ability to cast outside his discipline. It should be noted that Benjamin Franklin, whom Erfworld Benjamin physically resembles, was a noted polymath. His Rhyme-o-mancy abilities may partly explain why Transylvitian forces are generally good at dance fighting.

  • Another possible example of Rhyme-o-mancy may be the rhyming that troops do during dance fighting. Dance fighting may be some form of Natural Stagemancy.
  • The night before the final battle for Gobwin Knob, when the troops in the courtyard sing a song insulting Jetstone and Transylvito.Erf-b1-p101Same-site.PNG It does not appear to have any direct magical effect; its only apparent effect seems to be angering Prince Ansom and many other coalition members. This may be a form of Natural Rhyme-o-mancy, as non-Casters are taking part.
  • When Wanda attacks Ansom when he is alone on top of the wall. Erf-b1-p119Same-site.PNG She seems to be speaking mostly to herself--a personal call to arms, perhaps--but it may also be a form of intimidation, as the last line finishes just as she attacks Ansom.
  • When Ace Hardware attacks the Decrypted Archons above Jetstone with a magic item he created for the purpose of capturing them. Erf-b2-p80Same-site.PNG Like Wanda, he seems mostly to be speaking to himself, and since he appears to be fighting alone, he's likely trying to give himself some sort of edge so that he can go up against the numerically superior foe and successfully capture one of them.
  • In Inner Peace (Through Superior Firepower), when Wanda attempts to use Rhyme-a-Mancy when uncroaking Tommy Firebaugh. This may have helped to extend the amount of time before Tommy decayed.
  • When Olive Branch uses a song as part of the spell to turn both the city of Haffaton and the city of Efbaum into no combat zones.
  • If dance-fighting and music ARE related, then possible applications could be allowing Warlords to be popped/promoted with dance-fighting as an ability, making magic items that grant it, leading a dance fight themselves (possibly for a whole army or side while under a Thinkamancy link?). They might also be able to "Rock" as Stanley called it, though that would probably show up at higher levels of caster.

Due to its position on the Numbers Axis, and its association with Life, Motion, and Matter simultaneously, Rhyme-o-mancy could be an attempt to life up the underlying Numbers of Erfworld in a way that helps the Rhyme-o-mancer effect Life, Motion, and Matter in Erfworld. This would support how non-Rhyme-o-mancers try to use simple Rhymes (possibly a form of natural Rhyme-o-mancy) to positively affect their actions, through a proper alignment of the Numbers to create the desired effect on either Life, Motion, or Matter.


Rhyme-o-mancers have a secret language that only they can speak, based on tongue twisters. Anyone can memorize a song or laboriously compose a poem, but only rhyme-o-mancers can fluidly filibuster on the fly while sticking studiously to some specific and central sound.