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Cities 101
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Proposed Canon

A regent is a type of overlord who while not royal themselves, rule a capital side with a royal heir.


Regent Warlord

Although any Warlord can manage a city, there seems to be a position of Regent Warlord (whether this is somehow different than a standard combat-oriented warlord or just a way of referring to a warlord who has been permanently garrisoned to a particular city is not clear). Its possible that the term "Regent" is nothing more than a descriptive title rather than an actual rank or game designation, much like Snipe, Lady and Tribe affiliation. But an example of the title is seen in Regent Warlord Al Frappacino.TBFGK Epilogue 13

Royal Regent

A Royal Regent is a non-Heir, even non-Royal Commander who is named Ruler of a side on a conditional or temporary basis, until a suitable Royal Heir can be popped. Caesar Borgata is the current regent of Transylvito.